The Gentle Liar


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English Title: The Gentle Liar -A British Game for Gentlemen and Ladies-
Japanese Title: ザ・ジェントル・ライアー ~英国的、紳士と淑女のゲーム~
Romanized Title: The Gentle Liar -Eikokuteki, Shinshi to Shukujo no Geemu-

Troupe: Star
Year: 2022
Performances: Bow Hall, 02/07 - 02/13[1]; KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, 02/19 - 02/25

Based On: the play An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde
Author/Director: Tabuchi Daisuke
Composer: Aoki Tomoko, Ueda Hironori
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Sakuragi Ryousuke
Conductor: n/a

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 05/13/22)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


Arthur (Lord Goring) Seo Yuria
Earl of Caversham Miki Chigusa
Laura (Mrs. Cheveley) Murasaki Rira[2]
Phipps Ooki Makoto
Sir Robert Chiltern Ayaki Hikari
Countess of Howard Miono Saki
Lady Gertrude Chiltern Kozakura Honoka
Mason Kou Erise[3]
Baron Alheim Akashi Reima
Mrs. Marchmont Kuresaki Rino
Vicomte de Nanjac Sakishiro Kei
Lady Markby Mizuno Yuri
Tommy Trafford Kishou Kazuto
Miss Mabel Chiltern Uta Chizuru

Other Cast: Sayaka Rin, Houma Toa, Yuran Sui, Hiroki Yuzuha, Harei Yuka, Ouka Rurina, Hoshikage Nana, Ayaka Koiki, Otoka Nano, Aika Ito, Hisui Marin, Sakizono Risa



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Oscar Wilde's play "An Ideal Husband" is a humorous depiction of a young man who eventually arrives at true love during a brewing scandal involving his best friend, who is considered to be the "ideal husband."

The setting is London at the end of the 19th century. Lord Arthur Goring, a viscount and playboy, attends a party at the residence of his friend, Sir Robert Chiltern. There were three women who had a close relationship with Arthur. Gertrude, with whom he was once secretly in love, is now Robert's "chasteful wife." Robert's courageous sister Mabel, whom he always gets into a fight with when they meet face to face. Another is Mrs. Laura Cheveley, who got close to Arthur because of his fortune, but then broke off the engagement after three days when she found a better prospect.

There was a reason why Laura, now the flower of the social circle in Vienna, returned to her hometown and visited the Chiltern House. She asks Robert, who is renowned as the most noble gentleman in politics, for a "trump card" and a parliamentary speech that will aid her in committing a fraudulent scheme.

"Should I succumb to blackmail to protect my position ... or should I see justice done but lose myself ...?" Robert confesses to Arthur in his distress, and Arthur struggles to help with his predicament. But...

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  1. January 31st: Opening night of the Bow Hall performance was postponed from February 1st until after February 6th, due to covid cases among crew or staff. Further updates were announced on February 5th; the Bow run would be cancelled entirely while the KAAT run would continue as scheduled.
  2. Otoha Minori was originally cast as the role of Laura (Mrs. Cheveley), however, on 2/17/2022 it was announced that she would be sitting out of the show. Her substitute, Murasaki Rira, was originally cast in the role of the Countess of Basildon, of which there would be no substitute.
  3. Amaji Sora was originally cast as the role of Mason, however, on 2/17/2022 it was announced that she would be sitting out of the show.

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