Takaterasu Hi no Miko

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English Title: The Tall and Shining Sun Prince
Japanese Title: 高照す日の皇子
Romanized Title: Takaterasu Hi no Miko

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1992
Performances: Bow Hall, 9/25 - 9/27; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 10/2 - 10/9

Based On:
Author/Director: Tani Masazumi
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji
Biwa Performance: Uehara Mari
Choreographer: Nishizaki Mayumi, Kurotaki Tsukio

Available on DVD: No


Imperial Prince KiyohitoAmami Yuuki
Princess Asukabe (Fujiwara no Fuhito's daughter) / Princess FuyoYamabuki Sayo
Fujiwara no TakanaMaori Yuki
Imperial Prince Toyohito / Take Masanori (Princess Fuyo's younger brother)Ayaki Nao
Fujiwara no Fuhito / Hung Tsung (T'ang Dynasty high priest)Asazuki Mario
Agatainukai no Tachibana no Michiyo (Princess Asukabe's mother) / Kada (Princess Fuyo's nurse)Jou Hiroe
Fujiwara Naoto / ShukureiNatsuki Mami
Agatainukai no Hirotoji (consort of Emperor Shoumu) / Shunren (Shukurei's sister)Aihara Serika
Gyouki (Prince Kiyohito's teacher) / Houmyou (Hung Tsung's best pupil)Koshi Haruki
Fujiwara no Fusasaki (Fujiwara no Fuhito's son)Taka Yuuki
Fujiwara no Kiyokawa (Fujiwara no Fusasaki's son)Juri Sakiho
Fujiwara no Oshikuni (Fujiwara no Fuhito's son and Takana's brother-in-law)Naruse Kouki
Agatainukai no YatsukaMashiro Tomona
Nagaya no Ookimi (an imperial prince with the blood of Emperor Temmu and Emperor Tenji in his veins)Takachiho Mai
Fujiwara no WakakoToki Yufuka
Imperial Prince ObitoMinazuki Shizuka
Soga no Shoushi (Fuhito's former wife) / Mametaka (a woman who cooks for the orphans at the Tao Hua Yuan)Mai Chizuru

Other Cast: Mihara Shiho, Konami Azusa, Satsuki Futaba, Yuuki Kaoru, Fujishiro Maki, Takashou Mizuki, Nashiro Aoi, Takamure Ayu, Hoshino Hitomi, Suzuna Mio, Ooga Ayumi, Jouka Azuki, Subaru Kazuki



A historical drama about an ill-fated prince in war-torn Ancient Nara during the Fujiwara Rebellions. In order to avoid a dispute with Fujiwara no Fuhito, the Imperial Prince, son of Emperor Monmu, allowed his half-brother Obito to become the successor to the throne in 713. Instead, he set out as imperial envoy to Tang China. Rather than wield political power, the wise prince advocated the spread of Buddhism across Japan. Admiring his elder brother, Imperial Prince Toyohito followed in his footsteps. However, Fujiwara no Takana is sent out to assassinate the imperial princes. On the deck of the ship in a violent storm, Toyohito is killed, and while Kiyohito and Takana are struggling they fall into the stormy sea and disappear. The two are washed ashore on a small island near the Goto Islands. There, those fleeing conflict in the Tang Dynasty have built a kind of Eden. Seeing this world for the first time, the two forget their conflict, and Prince Kiyohito falls in love with Princess Fuyo, who bears a resemblance to his first love, Princess Asukabe. However, Fuhito's evil influence reaches even this Eden....

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