This is a guide on how to use the new (2013) Takarazuka Revue Online Ticket system. This guide was put together by fans to help fans. We are not affiliated with the company in any way, and are not responsible for any errors in the guide (although we would ask your help to fix them!). We HIGHLY recommend that you either are able to read some Japanese or have a friend handy who is able to read Japanese to help you through this process, or that you use one of the shopping services listed on our links page if you cannot read any Japanese. However, if you're feeling ambitious, our guide is below.

Things to Know About the Online Ticket System

  • Tickets for performances are available starting from 10 am (Japan local time) on the date for general ticket sales (一般前売).
  • There are also sometimes early ticket sales (先行販売), available 2-3 weeks in advance of general sales. We'll talk about those at this other page here.
  • You must register and become a member of the system in order to purchase tickets. The registration process requires a Japanese address and a Japanese phone number. Registration is free, and there are no yearly fees.
  • The system is available 24 hours a day, with the exception of system maintenance hours (Wednesday and Thursday, 1:30 am - 3:30 am Japan local time).
  • You cannot cancel or change once you have placed an order.
  • If you are a member of Takarazuka Tomonokai (the official fan club), there is a separate online ticket system. (However, this is a completely different process requiring signing up for a credit card and a whole lot of other things, so we won't cover that here.)

Things to Know About Ordering Through the System

You can order 15 tickets per order. However, on the first day of general sales from 10 am to 6 pm, there are stricter rules:
  • 6 tickets per performance at the Grand Theater
  • 2 tickets per performance at the Takarazuka Tokyo Theater
  • 6 tickets per performance at Bow Hall
  • 2 tickets per performance at special Tokyo performances (Nippon Seinenkan, Akasaka ACT Theater, etc.)

Available Locations
1. The Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
2. Takarazuka Bow Hall, special Tokyo performances (Nippon Seinenkan, Akasaka ACT Theater, etc.), performances sponsored by Hankyu Rail Co. (such as national tours)

Ways to Pay
1. By credit card (visa, JCB, mastercard) (note: We have confirmation that they do accept foreign credit cards.)
2. At 7-11 convenience stores. You must go to the store and pay by 11 pm within two days of ordering. (There is a 162 yen fee.) (This method may only be available in certain situations)

How to Receive Your Ticket(s)
If you paid by credit card:
1. Print @ Home = You can print the tickets out on your home printer (more later in the guide)
2. Automatic Ticketing Machine: Available at some theater locations (currently only the Grand Theater and Takarazuka Tokyo Theater), this requires either the credit card you paid with, or you requesting an email with an order number and password (more on this later)
3. Print at 7-11 convenience stores (108 yen charge)

If you pay at the 7-11:
1. The tickets will be printed for an additional 108 yen charge.

How to Register for the System


How to Select Tickets Through the System

Again, you'll see five main links on the main page (image below). These are (1) a link to the actual performances to order, (2) a link to the registration page if this is your first time using the system, (3) "My Page," a page with a record of your registration information, your order history, etc, (4) "Use History," a page with your order history, and (5) a link for the early ticket sales page.

Ticketing Links

Once you have registered, you will have an ID and password to log-in.

You can do an easy check to see if you are logged in already. Look at the bar at the top of the screen. If you have an expanded menu like the one below, you're logged in.

Ticketing Topmenu

You don't have to be logged in to see ticket availability, so if you aren't logged in yet, don't worry. Go ahead and click on link (1) on the main page to go to the event list. It will look something like the page below, but will change depending on what is playing and in what locations.

Ticketing Eventlist

There are shortcuts across the top. Here, tickets are available at the Grand Theater, Tokyo Theater, a Grand Theater special performance, Akasaka ACT Theater, and Kanagawa Prefectural Hall (a national tour stop). If you don't want to use those shortcut links, you can always just scroll down. For example, I've translated what one of the entries will look like. Here tickets are on sale for the Grand Theater performance of Moon Troupe's "1789." It lists the run dates, the location, and the dates that tickets are available. Be aware that they list tickets as being available through the end of the run, but of course that depends on whether a performance sells out or not.

In any case, the important thing here is the yellow button which will take you to a page showing current availability. Let's check "1789." If I click on the yellow button...

It takes us to a page with a lot more information about the performance. If you scroll down, you'll see a calendar.

Ticketing Calendar

  • Performance start times are out of 24 hours, so 11:00 is 11 am and 15:00 is 3 pm.
  • Grey circles with a minus sign (-) in them represent performances which are not available. These are generally performances where tickets are sold through company raffles or bus tours or things of that nature.
  • Red circles with an x (x) in them are performances which are sold out.

Click on the date and time of the performance you would like to order. If you are not yet logged in, it will now take you to the log-in page.

Ticketing Login

Once you are logged in, you will continue to the first page for choosing your tickets. On the first screen there are tabs for S, A, and B seats. Choose your section, and then use the drop down menu to choose the number of tickets you want. Then choose whether you want to specify a seat, to let the computer choose from a certain block, or to let the computer choose from all available seats of that type. Click on the continue button.

Ticketing Choose1

Ticketing Choose2

Choose the link below for further steps.




Choose How to Pay and Receive Tickets

Ticketing Checkout1

Once you have clicked the "Check out" button, you will be taken to a page where you choose how you would like to pay for and receive your tickets. Although the guide mentioned being able to pay at 7-11 convenience stores, I noticed that all of the options I was given had me paying by credit card. So basically you are choosing how you would like to receive your tickets.

To learn more about these three methods, follow the link below.


After you have chosen your method and clicked the "Continue" button, you will be taken to the confirmation page. In my example, I chose the Print @ Home method, so there is no shipping fee and no handling fee. Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, click on the "Enter credit card information" button to continue.

Ticketing Checkout2

You will be taken to the page where you enter your credit card information.

(Note: This website uses a system called 3D Secure to authenticate credit card owners. After you give your credit card information, they ask for authentication--by entering a password, sent by SMS to the owner's mobile phone. A user was successful at getting around this problem of not having a Japanese cell phone by contacting 3D Secure directly through their online help service.)

Ticketing Creditcard

After this you will be taken to a final confirmation page with a reservation number if everything went through correctly. You will also receive an email confirmation with instructions depending on the type of method you chose to receive your tickets. (Someone please confirm and/or correct!) You can go to the "My Page" page to confirm. If the show is listed there, then you have successfully purchased your tickets!

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