Sumire Hana Toshi o Kasanete


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Publication Information

English Title: 90 Years of Takarazuka Revue History - The Passing Violet Years
Japanese Title: 宝塚歌劇90年史 すみれ花歳月を重ねて
Romanized Title: Takarazuka Kageki 90nenshi Sumire Hana Toshi o Kasanete

Author/Editor (if applicable):
Publisher: Hankyu Publications
Year Published: 2004
ISBN Number: 4-484-04601-6
Price: 3800 yen

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Hankyu Books

Description of Contents

A special 316 page book to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Revue. It includes a synopsis of the history of the revue, with small vintage photos. It covers the years 1994 - 2003 in more depth, with show information, events, new members, retirements, posters for all shows, etc. The book also includes lists of the stage names of every Takarasienne since 1914, and every major show put on by the revue.

There are also small pieces of information on things like nicknames, shinjin kouen origins, etc.

A thorough resource for the Zuka maniac....

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