Script Translations

1789: The Lovers of Bastille (Moon - 2015)
(subtitles by marie-isidore)

The Afterglow of Eire (Moon - 1994)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Akechi Kogorou's Incident Report -The Black Lizard- (Flower - 2007)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Edward VIII (Moon - 2012)
(script, translated by Caithion)

El Halcon Senshuuraku (Star - 2007-8)
(text script by Kittychan, editing by Lee)

Elisabeth (Moon - 2005)
(script, translated by TIP - Part One)
(script, translated by TIP - Part Two)

Elisabeth (Moon - 2009)
(script, translated by mayumiko)

Elisabeth (Snow - 2007)
(subtitles, Act I and Act II)

Epiphany (Star Bow Hall - 1999)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Excalibur: the Beautiful Knights (Cosmos - 1998-1999)
(text script by Kittychan, editing by Lee)

The Floating Bridge of Dreams (Moon - 2008-2009)
(script, translated by Caithion)

The Glassy Landscape (Star - 2002-2003)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Gu Bijin (Flower - 2010)
(script, translated by Caithion)

The Gypsy Baron (Moon shinjin kouen - 2010)
(script, translated by Caithion)

HAMLET!! (Moon Bow - 2010)
(script, translated by Caithion)

La Esperanza (Flower - 2004)
(script, translated by onion-mob)

Lucifer's Tears (Snow - 2006)
(text script by Kittychan, editing by chemicalperfume, proofreading by Lee)

Lupin III: Chase the Queen's Necklace Senshuuraku (Snow - 2015)
(text script by Kittychan and chemicalperfume)

The Man Called Bacchus (Snow shinjin kouen - 1999-2000)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Manon (Moon - 2015)
(script, translated by shiningsavannah)

Napoleon: The Man who Never Sleeps (Star - 2014)
(script and subtitles from myheart-translations)

The New Tale of Genji (Moon - 1981)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Nijinsky (Snow - 2011)
(script, translated by chemicalperfume and suitsuite)

One Night of Stars (Hoshiai Hitoyo) (Snow - 2015)
(script, translated by chemicalperfume & Carly)

Prince of the Land of Roses (Moon - 2011)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Roman Holiday (Snow - 2016)
(script, translated by chemicalperfume & animaniacal)

Rome at Dawn (Moon - 2006)
(script, translated by genkigimp)

Romeo et Juliette Senshuuraku (Snow - 2011)
(text script translated by Kittychan, edited by Lee)

Romeo et Juliette (Star shinjin kouen - 2013)
(text script by Kittychan, edited by Lee)

The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Oscar and Andre- (Star - 2001)
(script, translated by Caithion)

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Moon - 2010)
(script, translated by Kittychan, edited by chemicalperfume)

The Seal of Roses (Moon - 2003-2004)
(script, translated by Caithion)

The Season of Angels (Flower - 2004)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Shakespeare (Cosmos - 2016)
(script, translated by makalations)

Silver Rose Chronicle (Snow - 2007)
(script - Act One translated by Shirayuki) (outside link no longer works)
(script - Act Two translated by Shirayuki) (outside link no longer works)

Silver Wolf (Snow - 2005)
(script, translated by unreadability) (link no longer works)

A Song for Kingdoms (Cosmos - 2015)
(script - Act One)
(script - Act Two)

Who is Bad? (Star - 1996)
(script, translated by Caithion)

Yukariko (Star - 1987/Moon - 2010)
(script, translated by Caithion)

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