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Moon Troupe Version: Final Night Transcript

Ayaki Nao: The second act will now begin, with Kiyokawa Tomomi conducting.


Scene 1A: Kitsch

Lucheni: This is the last time, so I'm going to take as long as I like to look. Ah, hurry up and sit down, please. Good!

This is the final night, so the girls, ladies, and gentlemen are all fired up, and isn't it lovely? Well, I can't choose, so as a last resort.... Here it comes!

>throws a rose<

Oh, no! What's this? Someone in the first row got it; that's not very interesting, but... You've been chosen as the last beauty! Congratulations! Well, then, I'm taking the photograph. I'll end with the same lie as always: Look at the birdie!


This photograph will be sent to the Empress Elisabeth. "Why?" you ask?


Elisabeth ordered Austria’s ambassadors around the world
To send her photographs of the most beautiful women in their countries
(It's true!)
All together, there were 25,000 photographs
(Can you believe it?)
Why did she collect so many pictures just of beautiful women?
(Do you know?)

She'd compare them to her own face in the mirror
To see which was prettier

Kitsch! She knew well
Kitsch! That beauty fades
Kitsch! And strength fails

Well, then, hand over the photographs for the Empress.

Elisabeth's beauty was very useful in Hungary
Good job, everyone!

In Vienna, Sophie remained in control
But in Hungary, Elisabeth's popularity was at its height
To control the independence movement
The Emperor made Hungary into a new country

But he himself would be their king
And Elisabeth would become queen. Oh!
Kitsch! Even if the country changes
Kitsch! The rulers are the same
Kitsch! Elisabeth is
Kitsch! Becoming Queen of Hungary


Scene 1B: Coronation

Lucheni: In the Budapest cathedral, the coronation is about to begin. The people are insanely excited! But not about the new king who recognized their right to self-government. No, it’s about the mover behind the scenes, the Queen. But some people aren’t pleased about all this.

Jura: We’ve finally done it!

Stephan: In any case, Hungary has won the right to self-government.

Elemer: Do you seriously think so? In the dual monarchy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria still wields the power!

Zeps: That’s correct. Unless we overthrow the Emperor, we will never know true independence!

Stephan: You cannot deny we’ve made progress.

Elemer: True, but Hungary continues to be fooled by the beauty of the Empress!

Jura: It’s starting!


Farewell to sadness!
Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!

Towards a new happiness!
Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!

Save us!
Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!

Lead us!
Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!


Franz Joseph:
We bid farewell to the ancient bonds and build a new bridge

Here and now, let us begin
This friendship between two nations

It won’t be long before that smile is wiped from your face
You yourself have sown the seeds of disaster
Now no one can stop the wheels of fate turning!

Save us! Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!
(A momentary queen!)

Lead us! Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!
(This won’t last. Teach her a lesson!)

Elisabeth! Elisabeth! (repeatedly)

Scene 1C: My Time to Dance

(When I Dance)

How's your flight?


You're quite the seagull


Even on the stormiest night, I'm beside you

I can fly on my own now
I'll be free

Death (Elisabeth):
I'm the only one who can give you freedom
(You) (freedom)

At last I can walk my own path
Don't get in my way

No matter with what strength you defy me
One day you'll be looking for me

Take my hand. You'll dance with me
At the time I wish, to the music I desire

If I dance, even if my life is coming to an end
I'll dance alone, in front of you

I can walk ...even alone!

Death (Elisabeth):
I'm the one you need

The life you'll soon despise
(The life I've begun to love)

When I dance, it will be with the one I choose
At the time I wish and to the music I desire
When I dance, even if this world is coming to an end
It'll only be with the one I love

When I dance, I'll be the one to choose

Scene 2: Labyrinth

Rudolf: Mama! Mama?

Lucheni: His Highness, Prince Rudolf.

Rudolf: Mama... Mama!

Mama, Where are You?

Mama, where are you? Can't you hear me?
I'm cold – please hold me!
Everyone says I'm in your way
Is it naughty to be with you?

Mama, my room is so dark
I'm afraid to wake up
When I cry no one comes … I'm so lonely

Mama can't hear you

Who –?

A friend.
If you call on me, I'll come to you


For certain

I'm becoming a strong hero
I killed another cat yesterday
I've tried to be brave, but I feel a bit sad

Ah... Mama, why must you travel?
Take me with you too
It's only when you're in the castle
That I don't feel alone

Scene 3: Sophie's Salon

(The Empress's Victory)

I can't stand it! The empire is in danger!
My son does everything as the Empress says he should
That woman is the victor!

It's a serious state of affairs

We need a solution, soon...

To usurp the empress

She hates the church, she never comes to Mass

And her education is reprehensible

She's joined with the progressive Hungarian faction

She appointed cabinet ministers without consulting anyone

Sly creature!

Sophie (All):
The Emperor pays no attention
When we say the Empire is in danger
(Victor! That woman is the victor!)

We need a solution, soon...
To usurp the empress

Rauscher: Well, it's not as though we don't understand why.

Sophie: Why?

Grünne: His highness is a man. Ah-

The woman is beautiful!

Sophie: A beautiful woman? There's plenty of those!

Oh, I see!

An interesting...


An eye for an eye, a sword for a sword

A woman... for a woman!

A woman more beautiful than the Empress!

Sophie: But how on earth will we find her?

Gunne: That's simple. In the business district of Vienna there are many salons with swarms of young ladies--

Sophie: A business, is it? The emperor won't go to a place like that!

Someone: I'll take him... to a secret club.

Sophie: Outrageous!

All: Well, then...

Rauscher: I have a good answer!

Sophie: Oh?

Rauscher: A delivery. From the restaurant to you!

Sophie: So you've done this before, Archbishop?

Rauscher: Nooo! ... A little.

Sophie: It will do. I approve of this delivery. However! Keep it away from the eyes of the public. I want no scandal.

Rauscher: Leave it to me.

Our victory! We'll defeat the woman!
We'll win through!

Scene 4: Dining Hall

Count Grünne: Oh, Your Majesty.

Franz Joseph: Hello.

Count Grünne: Today’s dinner should be to your taste.

Franz: Oh? What is it?

Count Grünne: It’s a special delivery!

Franz: Of what kind?

Archbishop Rauscher: Chicken and fish. Madame Wolf’s collection!

(Madame Wolf’s Collection)

Madame Wolf:
Please, have a taste without restraint or pretension
They’re fresh and juicy; now is the time to eat!
The seasoning and the style are up to you
Everyting shall be just as you wish it

Vienna’s best matching set of beauties

Madam Wolf’s Collection
Marie is ready to go off, Romy is spunky
Tatiana is dynamite
For the elderly, we have Mitzy
And our special is Madeleine

Wherever you look there is bewitching beauty

Now, have a taste without restraint or pretension
No matter how elevated the man, he may set aside etiquette
Until you’ve finished your meal, eat as you wish

Wolf & Lucheni:
He's had a taste

Without restraint or pretension

Wolf & Lucheni:
No matter how elevated the man

A man is a man

Lucheni (Wolf):
If the meal is satisfying

He’ll come back again and again

Wolf & Lucheni:
For seconds!

Luigi: Now, what shall I do with this picture I took?

Scene 5: Exercise Time

Countess Liechtenstein: Oh, how infamous!

Liechtenstein: Sztáray! Has the Empress eaten anything?

Sztáray: No, nothing. All she does is exercise.

(The Empress’s Fast)

Your Majesty, can you hear me?

Elisabeth: Yes.

May I come in?

Elisabeth: No.

Liechtenstein (Maids):
I’ve come to see if you are in the mood for a little something to eat.
Please eat something
(She hasn’t eaten for three days
In order to preserve her figure)
There’s soup
(She won’t eat salads either)
To simply continue exercising is harmful to your health
(It’s harmful to your health)

Liechtenstein: I’m coming in.

Elisabeth: Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein: Your Majesty, please stop these gymnastics! Your Majesty!

All: Ah!

Liechtenstein: The doctor, Doctor Zable, is with the Dowager Empress!

Maid: Yes!

Liechtenstein: Are you all right?
This is why we begged you... I wonder if it’s anemia?

Maid: I’ve brought Doctor Zable.

Liechtenstein: Doctor…

Death: What has happened?

Liechtenstein: Anemia, I believe. She won’t eat, and she does nothing but exercise. She won’t listen to a word the Dowager Empress or I say!

Elisabeth: Please leave.

Liechtenstein: Your Majesty!

Death: Please leave the two of us.

(Last Chance)

How’s your pulse?

It’s fine.

You have a slight fever.

It’s normal.

Your face is pale.
Why do you diet until you collapse?
To preserve your beauty, and attract the Emperor?
You continue to fight against Sophie… an empty battle

His Majesty loves me.

You trust him?

Of course!

You’re too generous!
They say he likes his heroic pleasures, this emperor.

Is there someone?

If he’s unfaithful to you, how will you live?

Elisabeth: It’s not possible. … This is…

Death: It was taken in the palace.

Elisabeth: The Emperor’s bedroom.

Death: This is his love.

Elisabeth: What should I do? I can’t live with this!

Death: You should die!

Elisabeth: You're-!

Let’s leave now, for the land of darkness
I, who love you... the two of us together

After this I’ll close my heart to him
If he sins against me, I’ll have my freedom

Don’t deceive yourself. You never loved him
There is only one you love… me!

Elisabeth: No! … If you’re really Death, you can snatch away my life … but I can never love you. Get out.

Death: A time will come when you wish to die.

Scene 6: The Years of No Peace

Luigi: The broken-hearted Empress began a neverending journey, leaving everyone in Vienna to wait and worry.

(When Will it be Time)

Young Rudolf:
When will it be time for you to come home?

She says it’s for her health

While she continues traveling all over Europe

Franz Joseph (All):
I won’t make that mistake a second time
(She doesn’t return)
I’m waiting intently for your return
(She continues traveling)

Ladies-in-Waiting (Advisors):
The Empress can walk for an hour without pause
She takes no notice of her health, and we follow her eight hours a day
From Ireland to the Mediterranean Sea
Where she builds a villa on a Greek island
(Where is she now, I wonder?)

She goes to Budapest often,
but never visits Vienna
(When will she return, I wonder?)

In the blink of an eye, the months and years pass.
At last our dear Sophie reaches the end of her life’s span, but…

Although her enemy was dead, Elisabeth didn’t return.

Franz (All):
My mother is no longer here… come back
(She doesn’t return)
Even now I think only of you
(She continues traveling)

Ladies-in-Waiting (Advisors):
The Empress continues to follow her whims, never settling in one place.
(Where is she now, I wonder?)
Riding horses, taking boats, switching trains. Where to next?
(When will she return, I wonder?)

Luigi: The Prince grows to adulthood starved for his mother’s love.
His father is strict. The family grows distant.

Scene 7: Hospital

Luigi: The Empress has one other reason she's so busy - her visits to hospitals.

Sztáray: Your Majesty.

Hospital Head: It is an honor that you’ve come so far to visit us.


Girl: Now then, the Empress holds out her hands to you...

Hospital Head: Stop her!

Elisabeth: No!

Girl: Why don’t you kneel? I am Elisabeth!

Hospital Head: I’m truly sorry.

Elisabeth: No, it’s all right.

Elisabeth (Echoed by Girl):
Look closely. I am
the Empress Elisabeth

Elisabeth: You...

Girl: This person is a liar!

Elisabeth: It’s the truth.

Girl: Please stop! Someone take her away!

Hospital Head: Stop her!

Girl: That’s an order!

Elisabeth: Stop!

(Soul’s Freedom)

If I could trade places with you, I would
If you could bear my loneliness...
Aah, your soul is free
That’s right! Free
Aah, even if my soul continues wandering, it is always chained
You are the one who is free

Only Me (reprise)

I'm like a bird breaking free,
And aiming for the light
As it flies into the night sky—
But then it loses its way and
It’s only—

Sztáray: Traitor!

Luigi: So sorry. Heheh.

While she continued her journey, a terrible thing happened in her family…

Scene 8: Labyrinth

Rudolf: Father, why won't you understand? If things continue on this course, the Habsburgs will fall. It’s time to abolish the old imperial rule and make a new commonwealth. The people don't want anything more!

Franz Joseph: Rudolf! How long have you been wasting your time with such nonsense? I see the situation as simply a temporary inconvenience. I won't be responsible for ending six centuries of Habsburg rule.

Rudolf: Father!

Franz: You won't give up the idea? You must think hard about the choices you’ve made.

(The Darkness Is Spreading)\

It's time to end the long silence.
You remember...?
The promise from your childhood:
If you seek me, I'll appear.

It's not that I've forgotten my friend
I'm simply so frightened I feel I'll break.

I'm here beside you

The darkness is spreading
People can't see a thing
Someone is crying out
The voice hangs, unfading
The darkness is spreading
The end of the world is near

As the world sinks
I can't reach the rudder
I can't do anything
I'm bound

Will you simply stand by and watch this misery begin?
You, the destined Emperor

I can't bear it!

The darkness is spreading
People don't know anything
Someone is crying out
Dancing to the song of revolution
The darkness is spreading
The end of the world is near

Will you let this chance slip away?
Or will you step up
And take the throne?

The throne!

The darkness is spreading
Now is the time to rise
The only one who can save
This sinking world is you
The darkness is spreading
Emperor Rudolf will rise

Scene 9: Revolution

Luigi: You recognize this café, don't you? Their revolution is entering its final stage…

Stephan: Hey, old man, bring out the Tokay. It's Hungarian, after all.

Luigi: Right, right.

Stephan: A revolution for Hungary...!

Elemer: Your Highness!

Rudolf: It's no good. My father wouldn't answer me at all.

(Hungarian Revolution)

All (Rudolf):
The Crown Prince has been sanctioned as Emperor
(To prevent the destruction of Hungary)
Take our hands and protect our country from the Germans
(I must lend my strength to the revolution)

Your Highness!

Elemer (All):
Germany is taking aim (That's right!)
To split the Empire (Split)
Before that happens, a new (commonwealth!)

Let's rebuild a new Danube Commonwealth.
(Danube Commonwealth)

It's time to topple the Empire's leaders
Act now and you may save the Habsburgs

(That's right!)

But I'd be a traitor.

Elemer (all):
(No.) You can be a savior.


Elemer (All):
Hungary's crown (Crown!)

Rudolf: King of Hungary!

Savior of us all! Éljen, éljen, Rudolf
Lead us all! Éljen, éljen, Rudolf
Rudolf, Rudolf, Rudolf...

So, now... stand up and join us!
If you miss this now, you'll never have another chance!


Someone: They've run!

Someone: Run!

Someone: Elemer!

Someone: Your Highness!

Rudolf: Elemer! Enough! Go! Run away!

Someone: Your Majesty!

Franz Joseph: So this is what you do for the welfare of the Habsburgs?

Rudolf: Father... I—!

Franz: Don't say another word. I don't want to hear it! We’ll keep this matter secret, but… an offense like this... it's difficult.

Scene 10: The Antechamber

Luigi: *cackles* And just as Rudolf feels rejected and dispirited, the one he has awaited for so long returns home.

(Because I'm Mama's Mirror)

I've been impatient for you to come home, Mama
I want to talk with you, just the two of us
We're so similar
There's no one else in this world with whom I feel so at ease

Mama, I'm your mirror
So you must know all my thoughts

I don't know them. It's been a long time.

Rudolf: I'll confide in you.

Rudolf (Elisabeth):
The worst of all possible things has occurred
I'm alone and helpless, with no one to aid me

Mama, you're the only one who can persuade Papa
Mama, you …
(You're talking about politics, then.)
… saved everyone in Hungary; the Danube Commonwealth
(That was a long time ago.)

There's no path left to save the Habsburgs from ruin

Elisabeth: I'm sorry, Rudolf.

I won't ask favors of the Emperor. You're all grown up now
You can resolve these matters by yourself

Good night.

Rudolf: This is it. There's nothing else to live for.

Death: So you want to die?

Scene 11: Inside the Mirror

Death and Rudolf dance, as Rudolf despairs.

This scene has no dialogue or lyrics.

Scene 12: The Funeral

(Lament of Death)

Rudolf, where are you? Can you hear me?
Aren’t you cold? Are you trembling?
Mama abandoned you to protect herself
This crime cannot be erased

Franz Joseph: Sisi.... Everyone, leave us.

We two are mirror-images; we can’t rest in this world
Now in death you have found peace

It was you... You robbed me of my son.
Don’t take anything more from me; don’t torment me
I’ll give it to you… my life! Kill me!

You still don’t love me!
Death is not an escape!

(Rondo of Love and Death)

Just an ordinary human girl
Yet you make me shiver
I can't rob you of your life
I want the love of the living you
I still can’t rid myself of
This forbidden love I’ve claimed
This thought that’s taken hold of me
Cut my body apart
Blood pours from my wounds
And you're the only one who can heal me

For the sake of a life I still haven’t taken
I’m seeking the limits of this love
I’ve come to pursue you till I win your love

Wherever you go, I’ll still follow you
The rondo of love and death

Scene 13A: In the Streets of Vienna

Lucheni: How about it, everyone? Souvenirs of the “New” Vienna!

(Kitsch - Reprise)

Mugs with the faces of the Emperor and Empress
Suppressing secret sorrows behind their smiles
A hundred years from now these things will be said to have amazing worth—
They’re bargains!
Kitsch! A hundred years from now…
Kitsch! Collectors’ items!

The royal couple’s disagreements continued
Always, you see?
A hundred years later it isn’t such a rare thing
But in those days they were a kitsch couple
What did the husband want from the wife
And what did the wife want from the husband?

“Elisabeth’s love”—
Where is it?
The husband pays a visit to the wife’s latest port-of-call

Scene 13B: Lake Leman

Franz Joseph: You understand, don’t you? Why I came here?

Elisabeth: I understand… I think.

Franz: Come back, Sisi. The two of us are one, no matter how many years we live apart. Love... goes beyond all differences in thought.

(Boats in the Night)

Franz (Elisabeth):
I want to catch hold of a modest happiness (The emperor does?)
My life’s goal is to be close to you (That makes two goals)
If you’d look into my eyes just once
Your misapprehensions would vanish

We’re like two boats crossing the lake at night
Even though we draw close, we pass each other
Aiming for different ends

Elisabeth (Franz):
Even if we bring the boats alongside
(I want you to understand, I need you)
Lost in the night fog we miss one another
(I want you to believe, I love you)

Searching for different harbors, we pass each other
Like two boats

Franz: And your harbor?

Elisabeth: I don’t know. But someone has always been waiting for me.

Franz: Where?

Elisabeth: A place I’ll get to one way or another.

Scene 14: Mausoleum

Lucheni: Kitch! The eternally estranged husband and wife. Hahaha.

Judge: It’s time, Lucheni. The court will soon adjourn.

Lucheni: Wait! I haven’t finished yet!

Judge: Because the Emperor loved the Empress, you were told to assassinate her?

Lucheni: You could say that...

Judge: Don’t evade!

Lucheni: The last testimony remains. Now—!

(The Last Testimony)

The time to end all testimony is come
The answer is still unclear
Elisabeth’s loves,
The Lord of the Underworld and the Emperor Franz Joseph:
Two men who love the same woman

Lucheni: The final testimony of His Excellency, Death, and the Emperor!

Elisabeth is my wife

So long as you're alive

I made her Empress of Austria!

(Made her Empress)

You can’t rescue Elisabeth’s soul

How would you know?


She... hates you

...loves me!

She could never love you. You are...

(The Lord of the Underworld)

So, then, why don’t you snatch away her life quickly?

I’m waiting for the right time.

A lie! You’re afraid...

(Why don’t you snatch away her life?)

...she’ll reject your love!

Death: You’re wrong! Elisabeth...

Franz: Elisabeth...

No one knows that love,
Elisabeth... Elisabeth... Elisabeth...

Scene 15: Epilogue

Voice: Hey! The ship’s leaving!

Lucheni: September 10th, 1898. Near Lake Geneva. It was a beautiful, clear day. In the paper, I learned that Empress Elisabeth was on her way.

Elisabeth: Let’s hurry, Sztáray.

Sztáray: Yes, your majesty.

Elisabeth: The ship will leave.

Sztáray: Yes.

Death: Elisabeth...!

Sztáray: Ah! This man has attacked us! Someone, a doctor—! The Empress has been stabbed!

Lucheni: Grande... amore!

Guards: Come on!

(Love Theme)

Now is the time
I welcome you to the world of the dead

Take me beyond the darkness
To a place where my free soul can be at peace

Let us swim together across
The deep lake called love

Tears, laughter, sorrow, pain
I held on until the end of my long journey

The time will never come that ends
My love for you



(Rondo of Love and Death)

Hatsukaze Midori:
That look in your eyes
Burns my breast
It's piercing
Breathe, and you capture me
You melt my frozen heart

A simple young girl is all you should be
Yet all of me is crumbling
Just an ordinary human girl
Yet you make me shiver

If I send you back to that life …
At that moment, you'll forget me
I will pursue you until I win your love

Wherever you go, I will follow you
The rondo of love and death


Line Dance

(Last Dance)

Ayaki Nao:
The angels' song is sweet
The devils' song is bitter
Mortals too sing, and that song is
The love that burns me

I simmer as I await
My duet with you
Now, I'm staring from the darkness
But the final win will be mine

The last dance belongs to me
Your dance with me is destiny
Now, I'm staring from the darkness
But the final win will be mine

(The Darkness Is Spreading)

Otokoyaku Dance.

(When I Dance)

Pair Dance.


Mimi Anri:
Elisabeth, your name will never cease to shine
Tales of your beauty, noble heart,
And sublime soul will be passed on forever

Ayana Oto, Shijou Rui, Aoki Izumi:
Farewell to sadness!
Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!

Towards a new happiness!
Éljen, éljen, Elisabeth!

Mano Sugata, Tsukifune Sarara, Hokushou Kairi:
We bid farewell to the ancient bonds
And build a new bridge
Here and now, let us begin
With our friendship

Ozora Yuuhi:
We're so similar
There's no one else in this world
With whom I feel so at ease
I'm your mirror
So you must know all my thoughts
I want to talk with you, just the two of us

Kiriya Hiromu:
Mugs with the faces of the Emperor and Empress
Suppressing secret sorrows behind their smiles
Where on earth is Elisabeth's love?
Only I knew the truth of Elisabeth's love

Hatsukaze Midori:
Elisabeth, please listen
I love you, stay by my side
I want to feel your gentleness
Wrapped around me
I want to sleep peacefully
If only for tonight

Sena Jun:
I'm like a bird breaking free,
And aiming for the light
As it flies into the night sky—
But then it loses its way and
It’s only me

Ayaki Nao:
That look in your eyes
Burns my breast
It's piercing
Breathe, and you capture me
You melt my frozen heart

A simple young girl is all you should be
Yet all of me is crumbling
Just an ordinary human girl
Yet you make me shiver

That look in your eyes
Burns my breast
It's piercing
Breathe, and you capture me
You melt my frozen heart

A simple young girl is all you should be
Yet all of me is crumbling
Just an ordinary human girl
Yet you make me shiver

Now I can't rob you of your life
I want the love of the living you
I'm stepping forward
To claim this forbidden love

These thoughts rising in my heart
Cut my body apart
Blood pours from my wounds
And you're the only one who can heal me

If I send you back to that life …
At that moment, you'll forget me
Wherever you go, I will follow you
The rondo of love and death


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