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Asaji: When was it we first met?

Shibuki: You probably don't remember, but it was when I was a honkasei. When I was in the dormitories, you often went to hang out with Chiharu (Yabuki), who was a Mariko-san (Asaji Saki) fan, and then I unexpectedly became her roommate, so I thought: "Lucky me!" (laughs).

Asaji: Eeeh~?! I don't remember you at all. Your face must have changed (laughs).

Shibuki: It hasn't changed, it's always been this perfect circle (laughs).

Asaji: I remember going to visit her very clearly.

Shibuki: I was shameless back then and always with you two (laughs). My impression of you back then was that you had big hands.

Asaji: My first impression of Rika was during the Flower Troupe shinjin kouen. It was after I myself had finished my shinjin kouen period, and I was able to make free time, so I went to see performances from all the troupes. That's what I'd say is the impression that remains with me, because I didn't know that we'd met in the dormatories (laugh).

Shibuki: Before I changed troupes† we didn't have more contact than greeting each other with a "good morning."

Asaji: And we never had an unexpected opportunity to ask each other questions for articles. Like questions of "this person gives you this kind of image". So even now I think, "what is this person?" (laughs).

Shibuki: (laughs). I'm usually extremely zoned out, but when I'm on a foreign tour or with people from other troupes, I'm often told I seem completely different from when I'm on stage.

Shibuki: This is something motivating for me too, a fresh discovery. Before I came in I was of course a little nervous, but now thanks to everyone I can enjoy doing my job.

Asaji: I too, as someone with experience, am very much in favor of the troupe changes. Both sides get a huge amount of experience from it. This time we got four otokoyaku joining us, so the practice room has become very interesting.

Shibuki: Kouju (Tatsuki) and Maori (Yuki) from my year said, "It's our loss that we're not changing troupes" (laugh). For those two girls, I think they see it as a chance to have even more fun, so they want to try. Mariko-san and Aya (Shiraki Ayaka), and other senior members who have changed troupes have a part of them that understands well, and I can really tell how you've paid attention to our needs. Well, some might say you're maybe even too indulgent (laugh).

Asaji: Now is the time when we can be indulgent, so we're allowed to indulge you. It's all right, because once the first performance is over, we won't be spoiling you anymore (laughs).

† Rika changed from Flower Troupe, where she had been for ten years, to Star Troupe just a few months previous (in May).

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