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English Title: Phoenix Wright ~Truth Resurrected~
Japanese Title: 逆転裁判 −蘇る真実−
Romanized Title: Gyakuten Saiban -Yomigaeru Shinjitsu-

Troupe: Cosmos Troupe
Year: 2009
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/5 - 2/15; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 2/24 - 3/2

Based On: The video game of the same name
Author / Director: Suzuki Kei

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 04/20/09)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


Phoenix Wright Ranju Tomu
Leona ClydeMiwa Asahi
Miles EdgeworthNanaho Hikaru
Miller Arthur Kotobuki Tsukasa
Lotta Hart Mikaze Maira
The Judge Kazari Jin
Dick Gumshoe Harukaze Misato
Larry Butz Houshou Dai
Monica Clyde Junya Chitose
Moeno Crystal Moeno Riria
Robert Kazahane Reia
Sarah Shelly Ayase Akina
Maya Fey Sumireno Rei
Louis Sorahane Riku
Neuce Inbitt Seoto Risa

Others: Ayane Raira, Miyabi Ouka, Kanon Mai, Chisuzu Mayu, Koumi Maito, Hanasato Mana, Souma Neo, Amaki Tonika, Matsukaze Akira, Sahane Yuna, Chisa Reina, Hoshibuki Ayato, Nanase Ririko, Aisaki Maria, Fuuma Kakeru



The time is the modern day. The main character is Phoenix Wright, a lawyer who has set up a small office in crime-filled New York.

One day, the murder of a senator is reported on the news. Phoenix is shocked. The prime suspect, Leona Clyde, was Phoenix's former lover. Leona had been Phoenix's classmate since they were young and became a lawyer because she wanted to aid the weak. Believing in Leona's innocence, Phoenix takes her case. But Leona stubbornly insists that she is the culprit. She has coldly closed off her heart and is no longer the smiling figure she once was.

Though he believes in Leona's innocence, a great hurdle is blocking Phoenix's way. Bringing the case against Leona is a cool-headed and gifted prosecutor, a man who is rumored to stoop to any means for a guilty verdict — Miles Edgeworth. In truth, Miles was also a classmate of Phoenix's when they were young.

The trial begins. The three old friends are reunited in the courtroom. Phoenix battles to reach the truth, believing in Leona's innocence. But at the moment he thinks he has proved her innocence, an unforeseeable tragedy is waiting... How will Phoenix turn around this desperate situation? Will Leona open up her heart once more? Will Miles insist upon proving an old friend guilty?

Please look forward to the story of Phoenix, a man who believes in people and strives to find to the truth.

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