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English Title: PR×PRince
Japanese Title: PR×PRince

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2019
Performances: Bow Hall, 03/28 - 04/08

Author / Director: Machida Nanoka

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 07/08/22)
Available on DVD: No
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


Victor, the eldest prince of Pecchieno; for certain reasons he always wears glasses Towaki Sea
Elle, a scientist; joined Victor's research group to resolve environmental pollution issues Jun Hana
Queen Beatrice, the queen of Pecchieno Maisaki Rin
King Anselm, the king of Pecchieno Souno Haruto
Alice, Victor's nursemaid Sahana Mako
Rose, aide to Lily, the queen of Grande Shouno Chio
Garrett, Lily's right-hand man Kiraha Reo
Lily, the queen of Grande; also holds control of the government Ai Sumire
Mary, a maidservant Shiramine Yuri
Pamela Himehana Yukino
Caspar Kanou Yuuri
Valentin, the second prince of Pecchieno Aya Ouka
Diana, Valentin's first love(?) Seina Nozomi
Shadow / Edward Houka Haruna
Marie, Lily's younger sister Irodori Michiru
Grace Kirara Umi
Arnold Shiose Kazami
Damian Yume Maoto
Will Hiyori Haruma
Valteri, the third prince of Pecchieno Ayami Sera
Elias Ichika Ao

Other Cast: Kotohane Riri, Arisu Himeka, Mayuzuki Rea, Suzuhana Miu, Kohaku Reira, Soumi Haruma, Rina Kurumi, Chihaya Mao, Aoha Reiya



“They have a grand history, but they don’t have any money!” Such is the historic little country Pecchieno.
Their prime minister, after struggling with this problem, has hit on the plan of an immense PR campaign to save the country from its financial difficulties… which is to host a highly publicized national tour featuring the three handsome princes, with the oldest prince, the protagonist, at their head, as well as holding a banquet to find wealthy heiresses for the princess to marry.

Although the first prince is extremely attractive, due to a certain situation he has been hiding this. However, in order to save his country, he’ll put his beauty to use in this grand PR strategy!!

Set in a fictional country, this heartwarming musical comedy tells the love story of the prince as he struggles to save his country.

Other Information

  • Bow Hall debut production for director Machida Nanoka.


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