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English Title: Nocturne -Memories of a Long Ago Summer Day-
Japanese Title: ノクターン -遠い夏の日の記憶-
Romanized Title: Nocturne -Tooi Natsu no Hi no Kioku-

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2014
Performances: Bow Hall, 06/21 - 07/01

Based On: Ivan Turgenev's novel First Love
Author/Director: Harada Ryou
Composer: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Masaki Rino, Kobayashi Juuichi

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 03/08/19)
Available on DVD: No
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


Vladimir Yuzuka Rei
Zinaida Kayou Kirari
Pyotr Seto Kazuya
Princess ZasyekinaItsumine Aki
von VachiYuuma Rin
OlgaSakura Ichika
AlenaHaruhana Kirara
VeronicaMarika Yume
LuzinTenma Michiru
MayaNana Kurara
SergeiWataru Hibiki
DmitryMaizuki Nagisa
MalevskiiKazumi Shou
SharlottaKaga Ririka
NaumovskiSaebana Riona
BeryozovoMinami Maito
NataliaMiran Renna
MaidonovYuunami Kei
TamaraOtohane Emi
SofiaAsazuki Kiwa
TatianaSarasa Nachi
AlekseiChiyuki Aki
ElenaHaruhi Urara
LudomillaHina Ririka
LeifKureha Maki
IgorAren Touma
NinaHimeka Hinano



(Summary of the novella from Wikipedia, may not be an accurate summary of the musical.)

Vladimir Petrovich, a sixteen year-old, is staying in the country with his family and there meets his new neighbor, Zinaida Alexandrovna Zasyekina, a beautiful twenty-one year-old woman who is staying with her mother, the Princess Zasyekina. This family, as with many of the Russian minor nobility with royal ties of that time, were only afforded a degree of respectability because of their titles; the Zasyekins, in the case of this story, are a very poor family. The young Vladimir falls in love with Zinaida, who has a set of several other (socially more eligible) suitors whom he joins in their difficult and often fruitless efforts for the young lady's favor. Zinaida, as is revealed throughout the story, is a thoroughly capricious and somewhat playful mistress to these rather love-struck suitors. She fails to reciprocate Vladimir's love, often misleading him, mocking his comparative youth in contrast to her early adulthood. But eventually the true object of her affections and a rather tragic conclusion to the story is revealed.

Vladimir discovers that the true object of Zinaida's affection is his own father, Pyotr Vasilyevich. In the tragic and devastatingly succinct closing two chapters, Vladimir secretly observes a final meeting between Pyotr and Zinaida at the window of her house in which his father strikes her arm with a riding crop. Zinaida kisses the welt on her arm and Pyotr bounds into the house. Eight months later, Vladimir's father receives a distressing letter from Moscow and tearfully begs his wife for a favor. Pyotr dies of a stroke several days later, after which his wife sends a considerable sum of money to Moscow. Three or four years later, Vladimir learns of Zinaida's marriage to a Monsieur Dolsky and subsequent death during childbirth.

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