Hello Beautiful Night

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Show Information
English Title: Hello Beautiful Night
Japanese Title: ハロー・ビューティフルナイト
Romanized Title: Haroo Byuutifuru Naito

Troupe: Star
Year: 1991
Performances: Hotel New Hankyu Kochi, 12/20 - 12/21; Hotel New Hankyu, 12/25 - 12/26

Available on DVD: No (VHS only)


Asaji Saki

With support from:
Mimi Anri
Marisa Hitomi
Ryou Akino
Oka Kazumi



The show begins with Asaji Saki in a terrific red, black and gold number singing 'Hello Beautiful Night', accompanied by Mimi Anri, Marisa Hitomi, Ryou Akino and Oka Kazumi. There's a little dancing, then while Saki slips off, the girls do a swing dance to 'Uki Uki Midnight'.

Saki returns with a soulful display of angstful love in the song 'Because I Love You', which somehow manages to segue into 'Ding Dong', a lively, joyful song and dance number, which lets Saki show off the dancing she became famous for.

The girls withdraw, and there is some dialogue which sounds like it's from a show, leading into the song Desperado. During this song, Saki and Ryou Akino perform a dance not unlike a Tango.

Another angstful song follows, then Saki sits down at a grand piano and alternates between playing and singing a beautifully melancholy piece. All these sad songs are followed by the four musumeyaku as bouncy teeny-boppers. Saki returns in a purple sequinned jumpsuit for a stirring rendition of 'The Winner Takes it All' followed by an unusually up-beat 'Maybe This Time'.

The show is concluded by an english rendition of 'Any Dream Will Do', with Saki resplendent in white and gold ruffles, followed with a reprise of 'Hello Beautiful Night' with the musumeyakus again.

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