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English Title: Arc-en-ciel -The Rainbow Over Paris-
Japanese Title: アルカンシェル ~パリに架かる虹~
Romanized Title: Arukanshieru ~Pari ni Kakaru Niji~

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2024
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 02/10 - 03/01, 03/08 - 03/24; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 04/14 - 04/20, 04/23 - 05/26
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 05/02

Based On: Paris during the WWII Nazi occupation
Adaptor/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Ozawa Tokifumi and Tada Risa
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, Sakuragi Ryousuke, KAORIalive, Shinkai Eriko, Suzukake Miyuki
Conductor: Uegaki Satoshi

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 05/16/24)
Available on DVD: Yes (release date 05/16/24)
Scene/Music Cuts: No


RoleCastShinko Cast
Marcel Dorin Yuzuka Rei Amashiro Rein
Catherine Renault Hoshikaze Madoka Nanairo Hazuki
Friedrich Adler Towaki Sea Ryou Mikuru
Pepe Itsuki Chihiro Kagami Seiju
Konrad Baltzer Kizuki Yuuma Natsuki Manato
Madame Francoise Nicole Mikaze Maira Aira Miko
Cohen Shimon Yuriya Aoki Tsukasa
Guillaume Blanc Shimon Yuriya Hakuto Seira
Gerard Maizuki Nagisa Reaki Mira
Otto von Schlondorff Haryuu Mitsuki Hakuto Seira
Max Kureha Maki Reaki Mira
Georges Ayaki Hikari Kouki Ren
Emile Mineka Towa Keina Maya
Dietrich von Choltitz Mineka Towa Aoki Tsukasa
Robert Hozumi Mahiro Usaki Shun
Anne Rinno Shizuka Mihane Ai
Karl Takamine Jun Senaha Iro
Marie Itotsuki Yukiha Koharu Himeka
Yves Gaucher Seino Asuka Misora Maru
Gustav Izumi Maira Kanami Yuuki
Paul Ichinose Kouki Misato Reina (※)
Louis Kazu Reisa Kiryou Jun
Simone Sakino Mion Kohana Uta
Philippe Mano Kazuma Taki Mirai
Manager Mano Kazuma Hanamichi Rara (✩)
Claude Tatsuki Mio -
Edmond Tsubasa Anju Tsukishou Kira
Leo Ryouka Kina -
Pierre Yuki Daiya Kiran Rune
Auguste Taou Shun -
Irene Suzumina Natsuki Hoshizora Misaki
Emma Suzumina Natsuki Miharu Ayu
Pamela Miku Rinka Sakura Saki
Cesar Naoto Akira -
Jeanne Asanoha Kotono Hatsune Yume
Gilles Ryouha Mare -
Daniel Kinami Raito Tsukiyo Rei
Mireille Shiki Sumire Tokiwa Kureha
Bruno Kaito Asahi Matoi Ryou
Klaus Amashiro Rein Kazami Haruho
Flower girl Aira Miko Suishou Serina
Sylvie Mihane Ai Marena Yui
Simon Misora Maru Taki Mirai
Police officer Natsuki Manato Yuuho Nagisa
Annette Hoshizora Misaki Hanami Rin
Police officer Kagami Seiju Kazeshiro Rui
Young Yves Koharu Himeka Masumi Yukari

Other Cast: Futaba Yuyu, Kotomi Kurara, Hayami Shiosa, Misui Seira, Hanaki Chisato, Yumeki Maika, Sakiha Eme

(※) The role name will be changed to "Paula" for the shinjin kouen performance.
(✩) The role name will be changed to "Front desk clerk" for the shinjin kouen performance.

† Casting changes for the Takarazuka run (02/10 - 03/24) due to Mineka Towa's absence
Emile: Mineka TowaIzumi Maira
Dietrich von Choltitz: Mineka TowaIzumi Maira
Gustav: Izumi MairaAoki Tsukasa

⟁ Casting change for the Tokyo run due to Misora Maru's absence from 04/16 to 04/20
Simon: Misora MaruTaki Mirai



Extensive Nazi imagery (salute, flags)

Sexual assault

(From Blu-Ray release)


“Is Paris burning?” As the German occupying forces decided to withdraw from France, Hitler issued an order to level the capital. How did the Parisians, who had been resisting the Nazi German invaders, protect their city in this trying time? Taking a dancer who swore to keep the flame of the French revue alive as its main character, this musical is a dramatic description of the events that led to the liberation of Paris. Join us to witness the birth of a grand musical revue in the quintessential and inimitable style of Takarazuka.

Paris under Nazi German occupation. At the music hall "Arc-en-ciel de Paris", the Jewish director defected just before the German army invaded, and the remaining lead singer, Catherine, was left in charge of the production, and the genius dancer Marcel Dolan choreographed the performance he was put in charge of. Marcel has no experience with choreography, and he doesn't see eye to eye with Catherine, so rehearsals are difficult. Then Konrad, the German military cultural control officer, appears with his lieutenant Friedrich and his subordinates. The members of the troupe are confused as they are forced to prohibit jazz and perform a Viennese waltz instead. However, after Konrad leaves, Friedrich suggests secretly performing jazz, which is what the battle-weary German soldiers are looking for. Although Friedrich was unable to openly express his true feelings due to his position as a German officer, he truly loved music and theater and believed that entertainment had the power to transcend borders and unite the world.
Following Friedrich's advice, Marcel begins choreographing two versions: a Viennese waltz and a jazz version. It was not an easy task, but Marcel continued to create with incredible concentration. His driving force was a desire to cheer up the people living in occupied Paris - a desire shared by Catherine. Marcel and Catherine gradually hit it off as they practice with the same aspirations.
Meanwhile, on the night after rehearsals, the men, led by Arc-en-ciel's dancer Robert, secretly hold a meeting to take back the city of Paris from Nazi Germany, under the radar of the German military. Robert and his friends hope that Marcel will join their group.
Eventually, a new Viennese waltz version was completed. The new work, unveiled under the watchful eye of the German military, was a huge success. Marcel and other performers are invited to a hotel where the German army is staying, and they decide to put on an attraction. There, Conrad forces himself on Catherine, but she is rescued by Marcel and others. That night, the two talk about their dreams and passion for the stage, and confirm their feelings for each other.
The jazz version is finally completed and the final rehearsal is held. Friedrich also visits incognito, and just as the powerful dance scene choreographed by Marcel reaches its climax, a gunshot rings out. Konrad and his friends discover that he was secretly trying to perform a jazz version...
The people of Arc-en-ciel are struggling to keep the light of revue from extinguishing. How will Marcel and Catherine greet the day of the liberation of Paris?

Other Information

  • Announced 12/15/23: Shonichi for the Takarazuka run will be pushed out to the 02/10 evening performance, and all performances from 02/09 through the 02/10 morning matinee, as well as the Takarazuka shinjin kouen performance on 02/29, will be cancelled. In addition, the morning matinee performance on 02/18, as well as the evening performances on 02/20 and 03/05 will be cancelled. Reason given: improvement measures to reduce the actresses' overcrowded performance schedule.
  • Announced 12/19/23: Shonichi for the Tokyo run will be pushed out to 04/14. The 04/13 performance will be cancelled, and the originally scheduled 2 performances on 04/14 will be consolidated into 1 afternoon performance at 13:30. In addition, the matinee performances on 04/25 and 05/24, as well as the evening performances on 04/18, 05/02, 05/07, and 05/14 will be cancelled. Reason given: improvement measures to reduce the actresses' overcrowded performance schedule.
  • Announced 02/06/24: Mineka Towa was announced as absent for the entirety of the Takarazuka run, no reason given (see above for casting changes).
  • Announced 03/01/24: All performances on 03/02 and 03/03 were cancelled due to widespread illness among the cast.
  • Announced 03/03/24: Continuing from 03/03, all performances through 03/05 were cancelled due to illness.
  • Announced 03/05/24: Continuing from 03/05, all performances through 03/07 were cancelled due to illness. Performances will resume on 03/08.
  • Announced 04/14/24: Mineka Towa will resume partial performance for the Tokyo run - she will perform only in the main storyline up to Scene 12 of Act 2, as well as in the final parade (Scene 20).
  • Announced 04/16/24: Misora Maru, Kiran Rune, and Nanairo Hazuki were announced as absent from the Tokyo run starting 04/16 until further notice, no reason given (see above for casting change).
  • Announced 04/17/24: Hanaki Chisato was announced as absent from the Tokyo run starting 04/17 until further notice, no reason given.
  • Announced 04/20/24: Kiran Rune and Nanairo Hazuki were announced to resume performing on 04/20.
  • Announced 04/21/24: All performances on 04/21 were cancelled, reason given: a high fever occurred for a major performer, so suddenly that there is not sufficient time to arrange for an understudy.
  • Announced 04/22/24: Performances announced to resume on 4/23, as 4/22 is a rest day. Misora Maru and Hanaki Chisato were also announced to resume performing on 4/23. Additionally, the Tokyo shinjin kouen performance that was originally scheduled for 04/25 will be moved to 05/02 - due to poor health among the cast, there has been insufficient time to rehearse.


None yet.

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