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English Title: Anatole -The Mixed-Up Brides-
Japanese Title: アナトール -まぎれ込んだ花嫁-
Romanized Title: Anatooru -Magirekonda Hanayome-

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1980
Performances: Bow Hall, 9/14 - 10/5
Shinjin Kouen Performances: n/a

Based On: The operette "Les cent vierges (The Hundred Maidens)" by Clairville, Henri Chivot and Alfred Duru
Author/Director: Nicolas Bataille
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo): n/a

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


Le duc Anatole de Quillembois Matsu Akira
Gabrielle, Anatole's wife Kunizuki Miki
Poulardot, a former shopkeeper Misato Kei
Eglantine, Poulardot's wife Jun Mitsuki
Sir Jonathan Plupersonn , Governor of the island Asuka Miyako
Brididick , the governor's secretary Takara Junko

Other Cast: Shiomi Rika, Miki Hiromi, Kijou Tomoka, Yoshino Mana, Kitakouji Miho, Naka Iori, Tatewaki Joze, Magiri Aya, Mashio Chinami, Mari Hikaru, Taira Michi, Jin Natsumi, Miwa Ari, Hiroki Jun, Isono Chihiro, Hayami Ritsu, Natsuse Amane, Agou Sachi, Maya Mitsuho, Segawa Kae, Kisaragi Mirei, Kazusa Maki



Based on the synopsis of the original operette on Wikipedia.

Captain Thompson of the Royal Navy tells of Green Island, a distant English possession where there are a hundred male settlers, but no women. Female company had been sent for, but the ship containing the prospective brides never reached its destination. Today a second attempt will be made, and a hundred young women must be enlisted and embarked.

Visitors to London staying at the inn include Duke Anatole de Quillembois and his wife Gabrielle, on honeymoon, and a prosperous French bourgeois couple, M. Poulardot and his wife Eglantine, who have attached themselves to the duke and duchess, to the ducal couple's annoyance. The duke in particular wants to be left alone with his bride to begin their honeymoon.

The husbands leave to take care of the luggage, while the two women decide to visit one of the vessels at the quay – the one on which the maidens are to be carried. Their request to visit is confused with an act of enlistment and Gabrielle and Eglantine are led to the ship in the company of the volunteer wives. When Anatole and Poulardot reappear, it is to learn that their two wives have sailed for Green Island where they will be expected to take a husband.

The Governor, Sir Jonathan Plupersonn, and his secretary, Brididick, sympathize with, and indeed share, the frustration of the love-starved colonists. Finally a ship arrives. But it holds only 19 women – including Eglantine and Gabrielle. The rest have jumped ship at stopovers. Anatole and Poulardot have sailed in pursuit; they hide to listen and see without being seen. Gabrielle and Eglantine protest and firmly refuse to be married again. The virtue of their wives comforts the two, but their contentment is short-lived: the Governor announces that if the women's husbands come to the island, they will be thrown into the sea. Moments later both husbands have the opportunity to make themselves known to their wives, and a plan is concocted. Poulardot and Anatole, disguised as women, are presented to the Governor as mother and daughter. The allocation of the available brides takes place by drawing lots. The wives are drawn by two colonists; Anatole and Poulardot find themselves engaged to marry the Governor and his secretary.

The wedding party brings together Plupersonn, Brididick, Anatole and Poulardot. Anatole and Poulardot set upon their supposed new husbands and lock themselves in their bridal chamber. Gabrielle and Eglantine do likewise with their two "spouses". and then disguise themselves as men. They are joined by Anatole and Poulardot who no longer hide their true identity. The Governor insists that they must be thrown into the sea. While Eglantine leads an insurrection on the island, Gabrielle tries to seduce the Governor to buy time. Plupersonn, while suspecting the stratagem, delays the execution. Tension rises on the island, but the unexpected arrival of the lost first ship puts an end to all attempts at rebellion. Every man will have his bride, and the four protagonists look forward to billing and cooing in Paris.

Other Information

  • Final performance for Kunizuki Miki.
  • At the time of this Bow Hall performance, Matsu Akira and Jun Mitsuki were sharing the top star position in Flower Troupe.
  • Although Misato Kei had already transferred to Moon Troupe, she made a special appearance.


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