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Dai Shanhai

Daikaizoku / Amour Sore wa...

Daikaizoku / Jazzmania


Dainikai Matsumoto Yuri Risaitaru


Daiyamondo Aizu

Dance Olympia

Dancin' Crazy


Dansa Serenaata / Celebrity

Danshingu Foo Yuu (2008)

Danshingu Foo Yuu (2009)

Danshingu Hiiroozu

Danshingu Supiritto!

Dansu Romanesuku (2011)

Dansu Romanesuku (2011 Tour)

Daru Reeku no Koi (Moon 1959)

Daru Reeku no Koi (Moon 2007)

Daru Reeku no Koi (Star 1997)

Datenshi no Namida / Tarantera!

Daytime Hustler

Dear Diamond!!


Dejima Shouuchuu Sensou

Delight Holiday

Depaatomento Sutoa / Gaisenmon

Diga Diga Du

Die Rien -Moetsukiru Tomo- / Sazankurosu Rebyuu III

Die Rien / Sazan Kurosu Rebyuu In Chaina

Diin (Moon 1981-82)

Diin (Flower 1991-92)

Diin (Star 1998)

Dokutoru Jibago

Donburako / Ukare Daruma / Kochou

Don Hose no Issei / Taimu Mappu

Don Juan

Don Karurosu / Shining Rhythm!

Doniepuru no Akai Keshi

Doriimu obu Takarazuka

Dorian Gurei no Shouzou

Doriimu obu Doriimuzu

Dotou no Hate / Aria in Jazu

Dragon Night!!

Dream On!

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