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Picture Credit: fayegumi | The Takarazuka VIII: Moon Troupe / Gabe | The Microcosmic War of Dejima Program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Harumi Yuu
Kanji: 春海 ゆう
Current Troupe: Moon
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Current

Nickname: Gussan, Guppii-san
Height: 168cm
Birthday: December 19th
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Osaka City
Favorite Food: Japanese snacks, green-tea-flavored foods, mangoes
Favorite Flower: cherry blossoms, sunflowers
Favorite Colors: white, dark blue, purple
Hobbies: watching films and stage performances, playing the shamisen
Collections: earrings, items with lily patterns on them
Special Talent: Japanese dance
Origin of Stage Name: received ideas from many people and consulted with her teacher
Favorite Role: Toyotomi Hideyoshi from the Nobunaga shinjin kouen
Would Like to Try Playing: a Nihonmono, a character who lives and dies with all their might

Debut: 2010 (96th Class) The Scarlet Pimpernel
Troupe History:
2010 - Current Moon Troupe


2024: Eternal Voice / Grande Takarazuka 110!
2023: Flügel / A Kaleidoscope of Life, Peter Hoffman
2023: Shadow of the Moon (Bow Hall), Ooyagi Shichibei
2023: Ohten no Mon / Deep Sea, Fujiwara no Yoshimi
2022: Black Jack -A Lucky Bet- / Full Swing! (National Tour), General Enrique
2022: The Great Gatsby, Anthony Fay / Inspector Carter
2022: Rain on Neptune (Maihama Amphitheater), Garnet / Printemps
2022: Color Me True / Full Swing!, Old Man
2021: The Kawagiri Bridge / Dream Chaser (Hakataza), Kenjirou
2021: Ouranki / Dream Chaser, Oota Sukenori
2021: Ghost Detective (Bow Hall)
2020-21: Welcome to Takarazuka / A Farce in Pigalle, Cedric
2020: The Microcosmic War of Dejima (Drama City / Toshima Arts), Edoharu / Dejiharu
2019: I Am From Austria, Martin
2019: Che Guevara (Nippon Seinenkan / Drama City), Ramiro Valdés
2019: Unmatched in Dreams and Reality / Krung Thep, Fuchikawa Gonroku
2019: On the Town (Tokyo Int'l Forum), Figment
2018: Elisabeth, Gyula Andrássy, Voice of the Judge
2018: Singin' in the Rain (Akasaka ACT), Rod
2018: Company / BADDY
2017: The Seven of the House of God (Senka / Moon - Bow Hall), Louis Fisher
2017: ALL FOR ONE, Paul
2017: Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Carousel Rondo (Hakataza), Rakko
2017: Grand Hotel / Carousel Rondo, Bellboy
2016: Bow Singing Workshop (Bow Hall)
2016: FALSTAFF (Bow Hall), Pistol
2016: NOBUNAGA / Forever LOVE!!, Hasegawa Kyousuke
2016: Passion / Apasionado!! III (National Tour), Morales (a soldier)
2015-16: Manon / Golden Jazz, festival singer
2015: A-EN (Bow Hall), Glenn
2015: 1789: The Lovers of Bastille
2014: PUCK / Crystal Takarazuka
2014: Takarazuka Dance / Guide to the Future / Takarazuka Flower Poems 100!! (Hakataza)
2014: Takarazuka Dance / Guide to the Future / Takarazuka Flower Poems 100!!
2014: Gone With the Wind (Umeda Arts)
2013: The Merry Widow (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Rukshitsch
2013: Arsène Lupin / Fantastic Energy!
2013: Me and My Girl (Umeda Arts)
2013: The Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre, Charon
2012: Spring Snow (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Baron Shinkawa
2012: Romeo & Juliette, a Capulet
2012: Edward VIII / Misty Station
2011: My Love Lies Over the Mountains / Dance Romanesque (National Tour)
2011: The Man from Algiers / Dance Romanesque
2011: Prince of the Land of Roses / ONE
2010: The Gypsy Baron / Rhapsodic Moon
2010: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Attendant

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2017: Grand Hotel, Hermann Preysing
2016: Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi
2015-16: Manon, Auguste de Leroy (HY: Asuka Yuu)
2015: 1789: The Lovers of Bastille, Georges Jacques Danton
2014: Puck, Oberon
2014: Guide to the Future / Takarazuka Flower Poems 100!!
2013: Arsène Lupin, Pousse Cafe
2013: The Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre
2012: Roméo & Juliette
2012: Edward VIII, Thomas Dugdale (HY: Hayami Sei)
2011: The Man from Algiers, Maurice (HY: Takachi Ao)
2011: Prince of the Land of Roses
2010: The Gypsy Baron
2010: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

2024: G.O.A.T (Tsukishiro Kanato Concert)
2023: 56th Takarazuka Buyoukai
2019: 55th Takarazuka Buyoukai
2019: Flame of Love (Miya Rurika Dinner Show)
2017: 54th Takarazuka Buyoukai
2015: Sorriso (Saou Kurama Dinner Show)
2013: 52nd Takarazuka Buyoukai


  • She has earned the name 山村友里 (Yamamura Yuri) for her skills in traditional Japanese dance.
  • Featured in New Generation III.
  • Member of the 9th group of Sky Reporters.

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