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Hi, everybody! I'm Meg, the TakaWiki admin. My ID on the site is MerryShannon. I've been a fan of Takarazuka for a couple of years now, but I still have a lot to learn! And that's why I wanted to put this site together... There are so many people out there who know so much more than I do, and it would be great to get all this information together in one place. :)

I hope you're having fun looking around. I know the site looks complicated, but it's really pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I hope you'll start contributing information of your own when you can.

If you have trouble with any part of the site or notice something that you think ought to be added, but you don't have access to edit that page, please hop over to the Suggestion Box forum and let us know!

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I'm visiting Japan for the first time soon and I'll be in Osaka on the 7th of March, to see Asami Rei in Aoi. I don't suppose by some coincidence you're a fan of hers too? ;)
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Hi, Lucia and Chioco!

I live in Osaka. We're a kind of neighbors, Chioco!^^
Hi Joy! What part of Japan are you from? I'm in Nara right now :)
Look forward to talking with you!
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Despa also has a couple of shows taped from TV that they distribute (Cosmos Berubara 2001, Star Nagasaki Shigure-Zaka, Moon Blue Moon Blue), although last I heard they had become somewhat unreliable so far as turn-around time. And I've never understood why they charge so much for blank discs. Anyone have any trouble with them recently? Or luck?

Although I've heard of others having bad experiences, I've always had very good luck with Despa. I just got a whole stack of disks from them (actually, her) a couple weeks ago. :)

- jenebi

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Hello, Joy, and welcome to TakaWiki. :)

Thirty years? Really? I'm in awe! Most of us around here have only been fans for a short time (I'm approaching my second anniversary) and, before we built TakaWiki, we had to struggle to find information about the revue and our favourite 'siennes. You must know so much we don't; it would be wonderful if you were to contribute to the wiki, or even just tell us about what it was like to grow up aware of Takarazuka!
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Hello! My name's Joy. I've known Takarazuka for more than 30years. My late Grandma, my Mon and my daughter was/are also Takarazuka fans.

I happened to find this site and jumped in. I hope I'd have a good time here. ^^
Whoa, you're from NC Eira? Dude, and you're going to be at Animazement? I live about a 10 minute drive from the Animazement venue, that's awesome! Would it be terribly stalkery of me to email or IM you? I haven't met any 'Zuka fans in RL before ^^;
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Hi Krystal!

Welcome to one of the most expensive hobbies ever. ;)

Lucia has written up a good guide to buying DVDs and such. And really, what can beat having the shiny case on your shelf and the pretty booklet and all of the fun DVD extras and the warm glowey feeling of having fed the Hankyu beast and supported future shows? XD

Despa also has a couple of shows taped from TV that they distribute (Cosmos Berubara 2001, Star Nagasaki Shigure-Zaka, Moon Blue Moon Blue), although last I heard they had become somewhat unreliable so far as turn-around time. And I've never understood why they charge so much for blank discs. Anyone have any trouble with them recently? Or luck?

And the fansub group TIP has just started.
Hello! I'm Krystal though I'm commonly known by my alias Dix Princesse. :)

I've heard about Takarazuka a long time and was always interested in it but never really looked into it until today! I'm really looking forward to learning what I can about the wonderful world of Takarazuka. ^^ And I hope to meet people who can teach me what they can.

I'm wondering how I can go about actually watching a show. I'm assuming I'll have to save up and buy DVDs and such. =x And I saw that there is a fansub group going on perhaps? If there are fansubs of the shows that would be delightful! And I hope that I'll be able to actually go to Japan and see a show live soon. :3

Hi! I go by Eira, and I'm new to the Takarazuka world. :D;; I've heard of it before, but only got into it recently. Um... I plan to do an Elisabeth cosplay to Nekocon 10, so if you're going, email me. XD (A friend and I will probably also do Elisabeth karaoke at Animazement '07. Hehe.) You may have guessed from my cosplay scedule, that I'm from North Carolina. :3 Too far to go to Sumire-con... (It takes place a week before I usually go out there! *dies of frusteration and lack of a car* xD;; ) Um... I hope I'm not talking too much... o_o; *runs* (Or reviving a dead topic... But this seemed to be a good place to start...)
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Hello! I'm an American who happens to be living in Japan at the moment. I heard about Takarazuka from my friend who studied abroad here, and after watching some video clips on YouTube I was hooked! In January I'm going to see my first Takarazuka performance at the Takarazuka Grand Theater. I'm so excited! :D
Hi Sandy!

I'm fine. School's pretty tough on us. Mon-Sat na yung classes ko, morning 'til night. Then, hindi pa naawa, they hold classes on holidays. T_T By the way, nakuha ko na yung titles I emailed you about. Sa auction ko nakuha. @_@ 'twas a nice experience. How are you?

Hi Ruka!

Nice to meet you. Further south po ako. I presumed you and Sandy had met already? :-D

... Can we speak in a language other than English in here? I promise I'll write in English on my succeeding posts. :-)

hi Mae!
yay! another one from the phil^^
Hi Mae! ^^
Glad to see you here, too! How are you?

I've been lurking around this site for awhile.
So, I guess I have to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Mae. I'm from the Philippines.
I know takarazuka for already 4 years now.
Nice to meet you all. It's a pleasure to be here.
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In general a "normal" opera would be around three hours.

Maybe we should move the opera discussion over to the General part of the forum? I'm not sure how long it is polite to keep the discussion in the Introductions.
The Takarazuka Aida is definitely tragic, although it's a little bit funny when Dan Rei tries to sing. She's pretty and charismatic, but never on tune :)

Ohhh... Magic Flute! I'd love to see that. I have actually heard a commercial for a 100 minute holiday version of that with new costumes. I think I'll try that first.

How long is the "normal" opera?
You didn't ask me, but since I'm an opera lover/student, I'll throw in my two cents too:

Bizet's "Carmen" and Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte" (The Magic Flute) are two very common 'introductory' operas. Verdi's "La Traviata" and Puccini's "La Boheme" are two others. For a Takarazuka fan, Mozart's "Le Nozze di Figaro" (The Marriage of Figaro) and possibly Strauss's "Der Rosenkavalier" (The Rose Cavalier), though that's a bit heavier musically, are obvious segues — both feature women playing very attractive and romantic young men. There's a loooong list of other operas with trouser roles as well, and if you're interested I can throw out a few more names.

Note that a TON of what makes an opera good and entertaining depends on the singers and the production. It can feel like an entirely different art form depending on what show you happen to catch. If it's not to your taste at first, give it a few extra chances!
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Regarding, Aida. Judging from the little bits I've read about the Takarazuka version I think the story should be similar at least. Although I don't know how they've dealt with the ending in the Takarazuka version, it is distinctly a tragedy in the opera version.
Hope you get a great experience if you go.
Thanks! I'll check the performances at Lincoln Center if they have any of those. I've always been so intimidated by operas. I used to play piano very seriously (now very sporadically =D) and I liked Liszt, Mozart, Debussy.

Aida sounds interesting, it's nothing like the Takarazuka one in music I'm sure, but if the story's similar, it sounds interesting!
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