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Star track?

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Is there a Japanese equivalent to the phrase "star track"? I couldn't find it in the glossary, but I hear "star track" used all the time.

Thank you to anyone who can help!
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This is awesome, thank you, Kisaki!
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According to my wife (a Japanese Zuka fan of long standing), a commonly used fan term is 路線/rosen.
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That jogs my memory, Kitty. Yeah, I think I've seen 進路 used before, which may have been where I got "track" from.
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I swear there was a term the author of Zuka Doku-Hon was using (a book on How Takarazuka Works by a long-time Japanese fan) but I can't remember what ir was and I had to return the book before I finished it. Maybe someone who has the book could check... Maybe it was '進路/shinro' or something?
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I've seen phrases likeトップスター候補 andトップ(娘役/男役)候補 used, but that's more for individual person rather than the overarching concept of "star track".
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Maybe someone can give you better info, but I don't think there's an exact equivalent. I'm pretty sure we made it up as a descriptor, but I may be remembering wrong.

I've always used it for actresses who have had shinko leads and small theater leads and are definitely headed up the ladder and ticking the boxes. The Japanese press and the Revue itself use terms like "young star" and "rising star" and "hope" (in English or katakana or Japanese), but these tend to be more general actresses with solid roles but who may have no real chance of being a top star (because they never got a shinko lead, etc.).