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Actresses and Shows

『GOD OF STARS-食聖-』『Éclair Brillant(エクレール ブリアン)』 Show Performance Tickets

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Update: 15th April 2019 (Ticket applications has been closed), thank you for your support :)

Hi all

I am wondering if anyone is interested in Hoshigumi God of stars show in mura (daigekijyou). I have not gotten the forms from my FC yet (Beni) but I tend to submit very early :), would like collect names first, please PM me

Most likely blackout dates (dates you cannot apply)
1. Shonichi
2. Shinko
3. Kashikiri (reserved performance
4. Senshurakumae (the show before senshuraku)
5. Senshuraku

Dates that maybe difficult to get tickets
1. Beni's birthday (17th Aug)
2. Weekends and Japan public holidays

Please select the dates from here:

I want to go! Please message me the following
1. Name
2. Date and Time you want to see

After receiving the above details,I will send you the rules and conditions for the club tickets and the total amount to pay, upon agreement, we will proceed to put in your name into the form for submission and I will give you my Paypal email. Please note: Payment to me will be in SGD (Singapore Dollars) via Paypal.

Let's send a lot of love to Beni off to a lovely , warm and awesome graduation :)

About Beni's Ochakai, I am not sure if it is restricted to members only, I will open another post here if it is open to all.
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