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Any fans in Singapore?

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Hi, Zuka Friend’s..
I will be visiting Singapore in March 5,6,7.
I would love to meet some fans there.
Are there any??
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Thank you..
I will get back to you happily
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Hi, I have sent you a PM.

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Thank you for all the info.
I am very happy to hear there is a big chance for me to bring my show in Singapore.
Since I live in the States, I am desperately looking for someone who could be Singapore producers.
I need local people’s big help.
If you know anyone who might help my Takarazuka project in Singapore, please let me know.
Also I have FB site called “ World of Dreams”
Please check it out if you can.
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Hmm doing some research, SG has had indie arts performances of Zuka nature in SG (which I didn't notice because I'm not that in touch with the arts fests here)

There was a performance of Sandaime Richard by Hideki Noda, Ong Keng Sen is a prominent local theater director who's a huge fan of JP theater performance and especially Zuka. Feat. Kuze Seika, former Moon Top Star. Apparently the production was a sell out! (http://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Kuze+Seika)

So yeah, you would have an audience here and I think like I said, generally the government doesn't have a problem with performances as long as they're ticketed and indoors, haters will hate as always but anyways, will be super awesome to have a small scale Zuka show in SG
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OH YES!! Yes that would be absolutely amazing.

Back in the day, Zuka did come to Singapore to perform as an invited group I think wwaaaay back in the 80s.

If there was a show in SG, you would also get people from South East Asia come down too because it's more convenient for them and also Japan is too expensive. For example, we do have a lot of people from the region come to Singapore for Anime conventions, Pop Culture conventions because of the scale and the foreign guests that come over. I hear there's quite a large Zuka fan base in Malaysia and perhaps some in Indonesia/ Vietnam etc. Also we do have a sizeable JP expat community so you'd get some fans there too. Yoka Wao did do a live stream concert at Marina Bay Sands back in 2013 and had a sizeable audience.

It's kind of a conundrum really because the SG government is neutral to sort of LGBT slant arts performances as long as they're ticketed and indoors, some of the public can be quite conservative ie religious groups. But else, the modern secular SG people are generally cool about things. Singapore is great and orderly with logistics and dealing with admin, there is quite a fair bit of red tape to get through but you definitely won't have cases of people defaulting or dodgy stuff.

Have a good trip and happy researching!

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Hello, Grimsg
I am sorry we can’t get together this time, but hopefully we can next time.
I have been producing Takarazuka Revue Show performed by the aluminis.
It’s called “World Of Dreams”. I like to bring the show to Singapore some day.
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Hey ya, I will unfortunately be at work. Have a lovely time around Singapore! If you'd like to know anything about SG, drop me a PM!