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Hello, I am a new member on TakaWiki.

My name is Kelly. I am a fan from The United States.
I wasn't introduced to Takarazuka Revue until I lived in Japan, but I was aware there was an all-women's theater group in Japan.
I studied in Japan from September 2017-August 2018, and during that time I was taking Japanese classes. My professor for a theater arts class I was taking recommended writing about Takarazuka for my class thesis. This is when I became a fan! I wrote a paper about the cultural connections between Japanese History and Takarazuka. I became so invested in this topic that I decided to continue my research on Takarazuka's cultural/social impact in modern Japanese culture. I look forward to speaking with all of my fellow fans about all things Takarazuka.

I have seen two performances. The first was 雪組's ひかりふる路 / Super Voyager! at the Tokyo Theatre in February of 2018 with a friend. I was fascinated with their rotating stage and amazing choreography! Fuuto Nozomi is the otokoyaku that capture my heart. The second one was at the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo-shi, where I watched Messiah / Beautiful Garden by 花組 during August 2018. Being in the town of Takarazuka was amazing.
Although I have moved back to the States, I want to return to Japan for a master's degree in the new future. Until then, I am trying to engage in all things Japan so I can refine my Japanese language skills and make friends from all around the world. I will also continue my independent research on Takarazuka.

Nice meeting you all!
Let's talk!

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Hello Kelly,

Some years ago I became a fan of Yuki Amami, who was an OG of Takarazuka Revue. I then worked backwards to find out more about her Takarazuka performances, and along the way became a fan of more OGs including Kayo Asano, Mayo Suzukaze and Seina Sagiri. I have seen (on DVD) a number of performances by Fuuto Nozomi when Sagiri was Top Star. Nozomi certainly has strong vocals! I am less familiar with Hanagumi.

I am also a fan of the music of Takarazuka plays/revues, and have amassed a collection of Takarazuka CDs, as well as albums put out by OGs. I managed to catch Elisabeth by Tsukigumi last November, and it was great to be able to listen to all those songs live.

Hope that you will get to go back to Japan soon!
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Hey, welcome! I hope you get some good responses. Ppl don't seem to use the forums much, but if you post over in the chat box and direct them here, they'll check it out!

Good luck with your research and getting back to Japan! It's a great place to live and work.