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Baddy!!! Brilliant or Bust?

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I just saw (more like "witnessed") Baddy. When I saw the trailers, I thought it kind of looked dumb. I had no idea it was going to be so meta. I just decided to get it anyway because I like Tamakisan. I'd like to know everyone's opinion on this show!
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In my opinion it's one of the best-executed plotted revues, if not the best, which is an even higher achievement since it's one of the few (the only?) plotted revue to have a finale incorporated organically. Also the aesthetic for all of the costumes was amazing!
Ueda Kumiko joined the company to do revues but it took them ages to give her one, so it's no surprise that she had thought things out really thoroughly. The cast was also very enthusiastic since they knew that if the show didn't go over it might be decades before another woman got a shot at a revue, and that really comes through in the performance.
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I think Baddy is absolutely brilliant! It's fun and entertaining and is also a big f you to the established order AND I LOVE THAT!
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Thanks for your reply! I like hearing others' opinions on performances. I'm a lonely little Zukaota T-T

Btw, how about Tamakisan's laugh when she takes Pocky hostage in the lobster costume! Heheheheheh :P
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Personally, I loved it. It filled me with glee from start to finish. Was it meta? Yes, but lovingly so. Was it silly? Sure, but genuinely steamy at moments too. The creativity of the plot, the original music and the characterization were all more than I would have expected from a revue. (I say this as someone who adores revues, but usually they're more of a series of numbers than a true story.)

The performances were all great, and frankly I can't think of a single thing I didn't enjoy about this show, even the lobster costumes!

But it's definitely a splashy, over the top, surreal romantic comedy (emphasis on the comedy), so that has to be a thing that you want in order to enjoy it.
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I still haven't seen it, but everyone I know who saw it seemed to really love it.