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It seems like a lot of people are headed to Japan?

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Hey everyone!

It seems like from what I have seen recently on the wiki and on tumblr/facebook that some folks are going to Japan in the next couple of weeks. I'll be in various places doing Zuka things, so if your dates line up with mine and you want to meet up and talk Zuka, let me know! (Also feel free to use this as a place to share your own dates and meet with other folks)

I will be in:

Tokyo 10/30 to see Elisabeth
Kyushu for a bit
Osaka 11/2-11/4 to see White Heron
Taiwan for a bit
Tokyo 11/6-11/7
Osaka 11/8-11/10 to see Phantom (got a ticket, hooray!)

I'm keeping my schedule somewhat vague for general safety but a lot of my travel days are flexible.

Hopefully I'll run into some of y'all!
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Hi yungandyu,

Wow that's awesome that you're catching so many shows! Depending on their location / timing of your shows it would be cool to meet- when it gets closer if it still seems feasible I'll send you a message for sure
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I will be in Tokyo for a week from 2 to 9 Nov. I have plans to catch performances nearly every day(!) and will also be meeting other friends so my schedule is pretty tight. But it will be nice to meet some of you if our schedules permit.

Looks like our dates overlap on 6 to 7 Nov. I am due to catch three performances on these two days, but I think it may still be possible to meet up for a chat!