New member: Cyrine (from France)

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Hi everyone,

I’m a 25 y/o french takarazuka fan living in Paris.

I discovered the takarazuka theater through acquaintances back in 2012.The first musical I watched was the 2005 Tsukigumi’s Elisabeth.

I’m a fan of Kurenai Yuzuru, she’s actually the one who made me fall in love with the theater through her own passion for takarazuka. I had the chance to see her perform The Scarlet Pimpernel as a Top Star back in May 2017. I still consider that day as one of the most memorable in my life.

I always looked upon the Takawiki but never took part in the fandom: mostly because I was shy and didn’t had much to contribute to the fandom.
Today I would like to pay back all the effort fans putted into creating spaces more accessible to overseas fans.

After a few events in Paris hosted by the Takarazuka OG Amase Izuru, I got the opportunity to run a Fancafe (french/english) to keep in touch with the latest takarazuka related events happening in France and reunite the french/european fanbase.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/amaseizurufancafe/

If you want to participate or have any suggestion it would be highly appreciated!

Aside from my fan profile, I graduated from my Japanese language studies and theater studies. I love discovering chill places, going to cafés, write stories, hanging out with my closest friends…. I also take ballroom and hip hop dance lessons.

Thank you for reading my self-introduction. I’m looking forward to get to know you all!
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Thank you! I’m so glad to find another fellow French fan here ^^

Oh, the 2007 version! Mizu Tod is so stunning~

Yeah, attending a performance with one’s favorite takarasiennes is truly a blessing. During my trip to Japan I also saw “Sun in the Last Day of the Shogunate/ Dramatic S” at the Grand Theater before going to Tokyo: the troupe gave such a powerful and positive energy. I understand why so many people are hooked on Yukigumi!

Thanks : ) There weren’t many people at the dedicace so that might be the case! If she was the lovely Soragumi/Yukigumi fan I met, it was really refreshing to talk about takarazuka with her.

Pleasure is mine! I sent you a PM : )
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Welcome to the Takawiki :-) !

I'm so happy to get in touch with a fellow french fan (looks like we aren't many registered on the takawiki).

I feel like there are several common points in our "Takarazuka history"...I discovered it in 2012 too, with an "Elisabeth" musical (but the 2007 version) !

Seeing "The Scarlet Pimpernel" live must have been such a joy ! I appreciate Kurenai Yuzuru and Hoshigumi too, although I have a deep love for Yukigumi. I saw "Hoshiai Hitoyo / La Esmeralda" in 2015, and I can totally relate to what you said...it is also one of my happiest memories.

I will follow your Facebook page :-) (one of my friends was at the Japan Expo 2018 and went to Amase Izuru's dedicace, you might have encountered her ^^)

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to talk more about Takarazuka in french, it will be a pleasure !