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Using Actresses' Real Names on the Wiki

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It's come to my attention that some people do not feel comfortable / feel it is inappropriate to list real names, including OG's real names, on the wiki. This is understandable because Japanese people tend to be very concerned with privacy.

Up to this point the rule has been to only add someone's real name after they retire. However, I know that "this is the way we've always done it" is not a good reason for continuing to do something a certain way. So let's get a discussion going! How do you feel about real names on the wiki?
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Works for me! I'm not going to tackle this one, but if the editors and users want to, go for it. :)
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I think that if an actresses doesn't use their real name publicly then we shouldn't have it on the wiki. I know some of them do, especially those who go on to work more "professionally" in theatre outside of Takarazuka, in which case it would be neglectful to not have it. I think they choose stage names for a reason. And as far as I know one of those reasons is that it allows them to return to being a 'normal person' following retirement if they want, as well as allowing them to keep their private life private in terms of where they grew up and who they may or may not be related to.
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I agree with Caithion about the actresses who reveal publicly their real name :-)

I don't feel very concerned about this...
even if I know an actress' real name, I won't do anything with it, so...
The question is what harm can come from knowing someone's real name ?
People who want to bully/follow someone can do it even without knowing his/her name, I think.
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I think it's fine for the actresses who post the information publicly themselves or allow it to be printed in media.

If people are truly concerned about names garnered through other ways, maybe we could take those down? (And maybe make a note that the information isn't available publicly, etc. so people don't keep re-adding it.)