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Brilliant Dreams + NEXT

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Does anyone know who has had the Brilliant Dreams+NEXT series and which episodes/how many episodes there are? I know the first set of episodes was Beni with Kurenai 5, and the second set was Chigi with the Sagiri Files, then there's Nanami Hiroki and Asaka Manato and Miya Rurika, but I can't find a conclusive list with episode numbers anywhere that I can read, since my Japanese isn't too good yet.
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I mean, the Brilliant Dreams on their own are not little sets of episodes dedicated to one person - the +NEXT series really became it's own beast XD thank you so much for a nice little list ^^
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There was a whole lot of Brilliant Dreams episodes before they changed over to Brilliant Dreams+NEXT. Did you want those as well?

If just the BD+N:

1-6: Kurenai Yuzuru
7-12: Sagiri Seina
13-18: Asaka Manato
19-24: Nanami Hiroki
25-30: Nozomi Fuuto
31-36: Miya Rurika

Beni, Chigi, Maakun, and Daimon's sets were released on DVD, although only #2 (Chigi) and #4 (Daimon) are still in print. You can find links to the DVDs here: http://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Sky+Stage+DVDs