new member: fate-tan13 ^_^

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hello everyone
im exited to be part of this community and looking forward to learning from all of you
sempai-tatchi, sadly i haven't watched any takarazuka performances yet but, that's why im here. i really would like your recommendations
on what dvd to buy and watch first.
looking forward to getting to know all of you soon :3
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omg really it totally just ate my reply aaaaaaagh.

I was gonna say check out the trello board for streaming!


It looks like there is an upcoming stream of 2014 Elisabeth (my personal favorite and the first Elisabeth AND takarazuka show I ever saw) on March 3rd! Streams are a great way to get to know people and to learn - everyone is really friendly and happy to answer any questions! Enjoy!
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Hi Fate-tan! welcome to the takawiki
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Hi welcome!
I first saw an Elisabeth 2005 DVD back in University and five years later I moved to Japan! You could say Takarazuka changed my life. Hahaha.
If you like theatre, there is probably a show for you! I'm personally a super fan of any Elisabeth production and Scarlet Pimpernal. I also REALLY liked last year's "All For One", because I've been a Three Musketeers fan all my life.
I also find if you have a favourite actress, it's easier to follow their careers and starting watching anything you find with them in it, it can open you up to shows you might not otherwise have watched!
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Hi Fate-tan!

You should check out the fansubs by TIP: https://ti-project.dreamwidth.org/

I recommend everyone's favorite, Elisabeth! If you like Yukigumi, you could also try watching Susano-o and La Mariposa. If you are on Tumblr, you may find people who will stream newer performances that you could watch!

I also recommend the Takarazuka podcast, in particular these two episodes:


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thanks for replying
i found out about takarazuka from a Japanese variety tv show
when i tried to look for mangas or anime series or even drama shows about takarazuka but didn't find anything i was so underwhelmed and a little bit mad to why no one is talking about this amazing form of art. now i just want to watch any performance and get to actually know them. if you think that there's a must watch than please recommend it

ps: i think i like the yuki-gumi.
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Hi Fate-tan, and welcome! How did you discover Takarazuka? Do you have a favorite actress, troupe, or type of performance that you like? Western musicals, Japanese plays, dance revues, etc?