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Live Performances

Anyone need tickets for Utakata no koi :D

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Hi all

I am wondering if anyone will be going to Nagoya in Feb 2018 and would like to catch Hoshigumi Utakata no Koi ?
Tickets are available from 2nd Feb to 24th Feb.

I can apply tickets for you however, you will need to agree to the following:

1. You have already previously booked a flight ticket to Japan and plans or want to visit Nagoya (confirmed flight)

2. You live in Japan and plans to travel to Nagoya

There is no deadline for applying for now, please apply 4 days before the show you want to watch but no guarantee though please apply early.

I will send you some questions and the terms and rules for the tickets. Please reply and agree before I can apply tickets for you.

You: Hey its so hard to apply tickets from you! D:< Can't I just give you my preferred date and time and be done with it??

Me: I am doing this seriously and want everyone (you and my ticket source) to have a smooth process and have a great time.
Please PM me and I will send you the details \:D/ I will be waiting~~~~~~~~