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All For One translations

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Hello, I posted these at the LJ community but that seems dead now. So I'll share here. I'm working through some All For One materials and interviews. My caveat is I'm not a professional and am still learning Japanese (and tend to write early in the morning before work) so there are probably mistakes. I apologize in advance for them.

Q&A from the program

Crosstalk from Graph

If this kind of thing isn't encouraged I'm sorry for that too. I'm still learning the fandom rules so please be patient with me!
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Kittychan, I agree. 2010 was my first trip to Japan. Besides seeing Scarlet Pimpernel 5 times I also had a ticket for the shinjin. First time I saw Tamaki I knew that she was a future top star. Very good in comedy...Bene is still the best but Tamaki does really well.
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Thank you for the feedback!! I cleaned up a few mistakes I noticed so I will go ahead and link them from the index.

I also started the Kageki cast interviews but I will wait until I finish to link that one from an index

Kageki 09.2017 in progress
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In general posting/linking translations is fine!
There is a link directory elsewhere on the site (Fan Content>Translations) where you can index them so they are easy to find :D (though I am not sure what category the program QA would come under...)

Tamakichi really is naturally talented at comedy, her shinjin kouen performance of The Scarlet Pimpernel was brilliant even though she was only little then, like ken-3 or 4!