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Songs from Sou Kazuho's Podcast - So Kai! - Spotify Playlist

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Sou Kazuho has a podcast called 'So Kai!' where she interviews Zuka OGs. The e-zine lists songs that are featured in the podcast selected by staff, Sou and her guests.

I've put the available ones found on spotify into a playlist which I will update when they have new episodes. Learn some new songs and find out what people like!

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Ozora Yuhi (former Top Star of Cosmos)
Part 2: http://www.tokyosmart.jp/so/magazine-detail/2644
M1 Keep On Runnin' / Journey - staff pick
M2 女のブルース / 藤圭子 - Ozora's pick
M3 Ain't No Sunshine / Bill Withers- Ozora's pick
M4 The Good Life / Frank Sinatra- Ozora's pick
M5 Red Hot Sea -43億年の記憶- / 花組大劇場公演「Red Hot Sea」から- Sou's pick

Tamano Kazunori - Sou's co-star on GEM CLUB 2

M1 Just The Way You Are / Bruno Mars - staff pick
M2 It Don't Mean A Thing / ブロードウェイミュージカル「Sophisticated Ladies」から- Kazunori's pick
M3 Mr. Bojangles / Sammy Davis Jr.- Kazunori's pick
M4 Your Song / Elton John- Kazunori's pick
M5 Cheek To Cheek / Fred Astaire- Sou's pick

Mimori Suzuko - Sou's co-star on GEM CLUB 2 and well known Anime voice actress for Love Live, Milky Holms and more

M1 Stay / Zedd & Alessia Cara - staff pick
M2 Up All Night / Beck - staff pick
M3 エガオノキミヘ / 三森すずこ- Mimori's pick
M4 Someone In The Crowd / 映画「ララランド」より - Mimori's pick
M5 Lovin' You / Minnie Riperton - Mimori's pick
M6 Cartoon Heroes / Aqua - Sou's pick (LOL! CARTOON HEROES!)

Saou Kurama! (newly minted OG from Senka)

M1 Heartline / Craig David - staff pick
M2 Livin' La Vida Loca / Ricky Martin - Saou's pick
M3 雪月花 / yeux. - Saou's pick
M4 さすらいの果てに / 壮一帆 - Saou's pick
M5 Hello Kitty - Sou's pick

Part 2

M1 Havana / Pentatonix - staff pick
M2 The Lazy Song / Bruno Mars - Saou's pick
M3 See You Again / Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - Saou's pick
M4 たしかなこと / 小田和正 - Saou's pick
M5 A Thousand Miles / Vanessa Carlton - Sou's pick
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Hashimoto Satoshi (who was Gomez in JP Adams Family)

M1 Change The World / Eric Clapton - Staff pick
M2 ブルースカイブルー / 西城秀樹 - Hashimoto's pick
M3 サムライ / 沢田研二- Hashimoto's pick
M4 It's My Life / Bon Jovi - Sou's pick

M1 New Year’s Day / Viva Brother - staff pick
M2 ひと夏の経験 / 山口百恵 - Hashimoto's pick
M3 I Was Made For Lovin’ You / Kiss - Hashimoto's pick)
M4 Gethsemane / From 'Jesus Christ Superstar' - Hashimoto's pick
M5 Same Ol’ / The Heavy - Sou's pick

Konishi Ryousei (who was in 'Japanese Musical' with Sou)

M1 Uptown Girl / Billy Joel
M2 The Prize / Arto Lindsay - Konishi's pick
M3 Sound & Color / Alabama Shakes- Konishi's pick
M4 瞬き / back number- Konishi's pick
M5 Rolling In The Deep / Adele- Sou's pick

Daigo Seshiru (former Snow mate!)

M1 Got My Mind Set On You / George Harrison - staff pick
M2 あなた / 宇多田ヒカル- Daigo's pick
M3 変わらないもの / 奥華子- Daigo's pick
M4 Beauty & The Beast / Ariana Grande & John Legend- Daigo's pick
M5 Starbucks & Hospital / from film 'I am Sam' - Sou's pick

Sakura Ichika (former Flower Musumeyaku)

M1 千本桜 / 和楽器バンド - staff pick
M2 くちばしにチェリー / EGO WRAPPIN’ - Sakura's pick
M3 My Funny Valentine / Fried Pride- Sakura's pick
M4 呪文-MIROTIC- / 東方神起- Sakura's pick
M5 Shake It Off / Taylor Swift- Sou's pick

M1 Always Ascending / Franz Ferdinand - staff pick
M2 目抜き通り / 椎名林檎とトータス松本- Sakura's pick
M3 ラーメン食べたい / 矢野顕子- Sakura's pick)
M4 清く 正しく 美しく / 安全地帯- Sakura's pick
M5 いつか王子様が / コシミハル- Sou's pick

Osumi Kenya

M1 Dancing In The Dark / Bruce Springsteen - staff pick
M2 栄光の架橋 / ゆず- Osumi's pick
M3 Fever / Bette Midler- Osumi's pick
M4 君がいないから / 安全地帯- Osumi's pick
M5 I Gotcha / Joe Tex- Sou's pick

Ozora Yuhi (former Top Star of Cosmos)
M1 Honky Cat / Elton John - staff pick
M2 You Had Me / Joss Stone - staff pick
M3 喋りに気をつけな(Live) / ZAZ - Ozora's pick
M4 深呼吸 / ハナレグミ- Ozora's pick
M5 HEAT / PUSHIM feat. EGO-WRAPPIN'- Ozora's pick
M6 無造作紳士(アクアボニスト) / Jane Birkin - Sou's pick
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New updates!

Hokusho Kairi!

Part 1: http://www.tokyosmart.jp/so/magazine-detail/2391

M1 Driving Home For Christmas / Chris Rea - staff pick
M2 みちこのズンドコ / 北翔海莉 - Hokusho's pick (she sang this)
M3 いつか / FTISLAND - Hokusho's pick
M4 Climb Every Mountain / from 'Sound of Music' the film - Hokusho's pick
M5 目覚め ~ネスカフェ・ゴールドブレンドのテーマ / 小松亮太 - Sou's pick (apparently this is the Nescafe Gold Brand theme)

Matobu Sei!
Part 1: http://www.tokyosmart.jp/so/magazine-detail/2338

M1 New York City Boy / Pet Shop Boys - staff pick
M2 雪のクリスマス / DREAMS COME TRUE - Matobu's pick
M3 歌うたいのバラッド / 斉藤和義 - Matobu's pick
M4 Beethoven-Sonata no. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 (Pathetique Sonata), Mov. 2/ Jeno Jando - Matobu's pick (oh fo sure, this is absolutely beautiful)
M5 EXCITER / 真飛聖 - Sou's pick (Matobu sang this back in the day)

Part 2: http://www.tokyosmart.jp/so/magazine-detail/2360

M1 Country House / Blur - staff pick
M2 ダンシング・ヒーロー / 荻野目洋子 - Matobu's pick
M3 トリセツ / 西野カナ - Matobu's pick
M4 Let it shine / moumoon - Matobu's pick
M5 ハッピー・クリスマス / AI - Sou's pick
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Continuing on from Hoshou's interview:

All songs are staff picks this time round

M1 This Orient / Foals
M2 おひさま~大切なあなたへ / 平原綾香
M3 淡き光に / 鳳翔大
M4 リベルタンゴ / 葉加瀬太郎
M5 La Isla Bonita / Madonna
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Hoshou Dai is Sou's latest guest!
Part 1 of the interview

M1 Come On Sister / Belle&Sebastian - staff pick
M2 Reach / Gloria Estefan - staff pick
M3 ひまわり / ヘンリー・マンシーニ - Hoshou's pick
M4 独り言花 / LUHICA - Hoshou's pick
M5 風が吹いている / いきものがかり - Hoshou's pick
M6 Don't Know Why / Norah Jones - Sou's pick
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Here's who picked what per the webzines

Sagiri Seina's interview

From part 1 interview:

M1 Flying / Nice Little Penguins - Sou's pick
M2 It's A Beautiful Day / Michael Buble - staff pick
M3 City Of Stars / Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - Sagiri's pick. From 'Lala Land'
M4 サヨナラの意味 / 乃木坂46 - Sagiri's pick (oh? Sagiri is a Nogizaka 46 idol fan?)
M5 Your Story / 福原美穂 - Sou's pick

From part 2 interview:

M1 Dreamer / Mayer Hawthorne - staff pick
M2 Mr. Blue Sky / Electric Light Orchestra - staff pick (did someone watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Lol)
M3 Rain / SEKAI NO OWARI - Sagiri's pick. This was from the Ghibli film 'Mary and the Witch's Flower'
M4 パッショネイト・アイズ / 葉加瀬太郎 - Sagiri's pick
M5 One Night Only …映画「Dreamgirls」より - Sagiri's pick. (she sang this at her concert, 'Secret Splendour'. It was AWSEOME. And yes she went into the disco version as well)
M6 ミチシルベ / Rihwa - Sou's pick

From Sakihi Miyu's interview

From part 1 interview:

M1 Life Is A Flower / Ace Of Base - staff pick
M2 So Good / Tuxedo - staff pick
M3 灰色の午後 / 咲妃みゆ - Sakihi's pick (and this is her song from the Tango album)
M4 ひまわり / 葉加瀬太郎 - Sakihi's pick
M5 どこまでも ~How Far I'll Go~ / 屋比久知奈 …映画「モアナと伝説の海」より - Sakihi's pick. This is the JP release of 'How Far I'll Go' from 'Moana'
M6 Friend Like Me / NE-YO …アルバム「We Love Disney」より - Sou's pick

From part 2 interview:

M1 All Because Of You / Ole Børud - staff pick
M2 灰色の午後 / 咲妃みゆ - staff pick (Sakihi sang this so it's to promote her Tango stuff)
M3 Strong / Sonna Rele …映画「シンデレラ」より - Sakihi's pick. This is from the 'Cinderella' film
M4 トライ・エヴリシング / Dream Ami …映画「ズートピア」より - Sakihi's pick. This is the JP release of 'Try Everything' from 'Zootopia'
M5 手紙 ~拝啓、十五の君へ~ / アンジェラ・アキ - Sou's pick
M6 Cello Wars / The Piano Guys - Sou's pick (NOW WE ALL KNOW SOU IS A 'STAR WARS' FAN!!)

From Manaka Ayu's interview
Trivia: Manaka's sis is Yumesaki Nene, former top Musumeyaku of Star Troupe - https://www.instagram.com/p/BXcq9GbAcm8/?taken-by=yumesaki__nene
(I must say that is pretty epic to have 2 former top Musumeyakus in the family)

M1 Handle With Care / Traveling Wilburys - staff pick
M2 Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran - staff pick (this was possibly in anticipation of Ed Sheeran coming to Japan to perform, but due to his accident, concerts in Japan are now postponed to April 2018)
M3 Dreamgirls / The Dreams - Manaka's pick. from the film 'Dreamgirls'
M4 地獄でなぜ悪い / 星野源 - Manaka's pick
M5 CHANGE / 壮一帆 - Sou's pick, well this is her song she recorded too.

From Misaki Rion's interview

From part 1 interview:

M1 Move Over / Janis Joplin - staff pick
M2 Half Of My Heart / John Mayer & Taylor Swift - staff pick
M3 Into You / Ariana Grande - Misaki's pick (if you've been following Misaki on social media, she's quite an Ariana Grande fan!)
M4 見上げてごらん夜の星を / 本田美奈子- Misaki's pick
M5 One Last Cry / Brian McKnight - Misaki's pick
M6 Cheek To Cheek / Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - Sou's pick

From part 2 interview:

M1 I Found You / Alabama Shakes - staff pick
M2 Lipstick On Your Collar / Connie Francis - staff pick
M3 ふたつ星 / I WiSH - Misaki's pick
M4 花束を君に / 宇多田ヒカル - Misaki's pick (Oh? Utada Hikaru!)
M5 愛をこめて花束を / Superfly - Misaki's pick
M6 Hello / Adele - Sou's pick