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Om Shanti Om

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I hope this type of post is okay. I am new and don't want to step on any toes.

So, I am actually a long time Bollywood fan and I wrote up a bit of a comparison between the original movie Om Shanti Om and the Takarazuka production.


There are so many Indian films that would make amazing shows. Mughal e Azam would be incredible or something like Ravaana. I hope this is the beginning of a trend...
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grimsg, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! Bollywood has a wonderful tradition of filmmaking and I was so pleased to see that it adapted well to Takarazuka-style of storytelling.

As for references... I don't like stories or comedy that rely on people knowing a reference for the joke. I think it's a cheap style. That's why I was so happy with this adaptation because I think you could appreciate it without understanding any reference.

I will admit I was disappointed with one thing. I wish this had been a grand theater show because in the original song Om Shanti Om from Karz, Rishi Kapoor dances on a giant rotating stage that is decorated to look like a record player!!! I wish I could have seen Beni dance on a record player too.

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/eS29KERO_d4
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WOW! That is an AMAZING post! I'm not familiar with Bollywood at all but that's cool that you did the comparison and you're familiar with both the Bollywood references and Japanese and compared how they translated across! That's super cool! Good stuff!!
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Koyanagi Naoko, the scriptwriter/director, is known for being one of the best adaptors of other works for Takarazuka! Her shows are nearly always very popular. I think I may have seen in an interview with her about Om that she has liked Bollywood for a while, but I'm not entirely certain of my memory of that.
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Oh I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! Whoever adapted the film for the stage show did such a good job. They really understood the heart of the story and it made me so happy watching it. I soured on the original some years ago but this really revived my love of the story.

There are so many wonderful films that would adapt well, I think. Some of the fantasy or historical stories would be interesting. There's a wonderful film called Asoka about the king who spread Buddhism to Asia and the heroine role (which would be the Top Musumeyaku role) is a very cool warrior princess. And Ravaanan is based on a Hindu religious story and has a really good villain role in it. Parineeta is a period piece about a cross-class love affair. There are so many good films!

I actually wrote an e-book Introduction to Bollywood but there is a steep learning curve.
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OMG! That was such a good read!
I adore the Takarazuka version of Om Shanti Om (I saw it live during the second run and it was amazing) but I have no experience with Bollywood whatsoever so it was great to learn about that side of things.
There was definitely a fair amount of press surrounding the Om production (on both the Indian and Japanese side of things) so I don't think it's impossible that they would consider adapting another one, although India has always been a very rare setting for Zuka shows...all I can think of is Love at Dal Lake (first produced in 1959!), and a few scenes of Afterglow of Eire.