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I am a queer Takarazuka nerd from Canada living in Hokkaido. Recently my partner in crime moved back to the States and I have no one to nerd out with. I often travel to Tokyo and Hyogo to see shows (like maybe every two or three months depending on who and what's playing) and would love to make some friends.

I am recently 30. Obsessed with productions of Elisabeth in particular. I enjoy karaoke until the wee hours of the morning and sci-fi (Star Wars and Star Trek are my JAM). I also really like comic books (mostly Batman, Vertigo titles and usually whatever Gail Simone is doing). Recently I'm super into Saou Kurama (I saw ALL FOR ONE and fell HARD) and I'm going to see Aran Kei in Scarlet Pimpernal this month in Tokyo (I'm SO excited to see her as Marguerite even though I think she's a lovely Percy too). But I will always love Ayaki Nao and Sena Jun the most. (I am trying really hard to get tickets to see Sena Jun in FUN HOME in February! Because Lesbian Musical PLUS Sena Jun is what I've been waiting for all my life!)

I love all musicals, so I also see lots of Shiki productions and Anime musicals (like Prince of Tennis and Sailor Moon, but OF COURSE Sailor Moon because Yamato Yuuga.) I also love Japanese music, I go to a lot of concerts as well. I love old rock and punk but I'll really go see anything.

Message me, if we have a lot in common! (Bonus points if you live close enough to have Takarazuka sleepovers with! lol)
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Hey, welcome! Quite a hike from Hokkaido to Tokyo. I lived in Miyagi for a few years and it was always a rare treat to take the shinkanzen out of Tohoku.