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Calendar? Y/N?

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I've been playing around with the calendar function on tiki to see if it might be more useful than a weekly news page. But it's pretty clunky. I'm not very impressed.

What do you think? Worth keeping, or should I deactivate it again?

I added a few shows in October as a test.

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Yeah, agreed. I'm deactivating the function again.
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Nothing so fancy as google calendar, alas. (That's what I use to keep everything nice and straight and color-coded for my own Zuka obsession.)
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I think it's going to look pretty squished if more than two shows are being performed per day... Plus I'm not sure how you would communicate everything else on the This Week In Takarazuka page (rehearsals, ticket sales, etc). I say scrap it :P
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Hmm took a look:

I like that it's a good overall of what's happening in a single month, I guess the main thing is the interface (like the + signs) are a bit distracting

Is there like a Google Calendar type thing that everyone could see?