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What's Up in Zuka land!: Asumi and Nozomi's merch at QR! Sagiri Seina's 'surprise' Birthday party and other OG news

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What's up in Zuka land!

In Zuka Land

Asumi Rio has released a 2nd wave of merch: Hawaii themed stuff!
Check the promo video where she talks about it too

Nozomi Fuuto also has merch: Tartan themed stuff!
No video yet but still, very rad

Asaka Manato fans: her memorial book will release on Oct 13!

In OG Land

Annd it was Sagiri Seina's birthday on Sept 18! A number of things happened:

Sagiri stuck a *'Suchiko' face mask and took a troll picture! Had 2 big birthday events with I think was with fan club members and big wigs
  • Suchiko is a drag character played by Osakan comic Suchi Hiromasa best known for this skit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blCJTNckwHI

Asaka Rei says she and the Sagiri posse: Sakihi Miyu, Hosho Dai, Manaka Ayu, Otozuki Kei, Renjo Makoto, Kaon Yuki attempted to throw a surprise Birthday party for Sagiri but it turned out not quite a surprise after all because she figured it out. They had Chinese food and Soup Dumplings for lunch! And apparently they had so much fun, they spent 5 hours hanging out! O_O

Asaka Rei is a HUGE Disney fan girl and quite the foodie! She tried Umami Burger JP and had this MAD parfait video

According to Manaka Ayu's blog, Sou Kazuho was supposed to attend as well but couldn't make it because she had practice.

Renjo Makoto just got back from her Las Vegas holiday, was planning to take a nap but decided to attend the party anyway, jet lagged and all.

Sou Kazuho has a new podcast radio show where she interviews other Zuka alum, Sagiri is her 2nd guest! I think unfortunately the app the podcast is only for JP but if you can figure out how to work it, that would be great : P

Sou is currently in rehearsals for 'Adams Family' where she's the alt for 'Morticia', main is Makoto Tsubasa. Sou talking press in her outfit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCM7kvGpQ7k

This was Makoto doing 'Morticia' back in 2014

Wao Youka is having a dinner show! on Dec 14 at New Otani Osaka and Dec 18-19 at Ritz Carlton Tokyo.

And of course if you've been following Wao on Instagram, she's been having a rad time in Hawaii on her 2nd wedding anniversary, zipping back and forth between NYC and Tokyo. https://www.instagram.com/yokawao0215/

Yuzuki Reon went to 'Finding Neverland' (Brit Cast) and ran into Kozuki Wataru!

Yuzuki also went to 'All for One'

Actually, Misaki Rion sneaked a curtain call clip from Finding Neverland

Misaki will also be in a period drama and was decked out in full wear!

Yamato Yuga has still been rocking Tuxedo Mask and also has random clips of her in her dressing room warming up and chilling to Weber (Classical music)

Ouki Kaname has been having fun punking her co-star during practice, cause he hates bugs. Ohoho that evil laugh

Hokusho Kairi has a new 'Pajama Game' rehearsal clip

Also, Shotsuki Shu's blog is hilarious! You can find clips of her talking about stuff as she's on the road doing Sailor Moon. Apparently she's quite a gamer as well https://note.mu/syu_shiotsuki