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What's Up in Zuka land!: New promo photos for 'Poe Family', 'Moon Skip' and 'Arkadia', lots of quirky OG news!

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What's Up in Zuka Land!

In Zuka land:

Promo photo for Flower Troupe's 'The Poe Family' is out!

Uzuki Hayate is getting her own show! 'Moon Skip' with Moon Troupe. AWESOME poster

Akatsuki Chisei is doing a Bow Hall show called 'Arkadia'

So they just changed the Grand Theater curtains to this design! It was officially launched by Star Troupe combi Kurenai Yuzuru and Kisaki Airi

If you know how to work JP iTunes, Asaka Manato's music collection is on there

In OG land:

One of the COOLEST things found on Hanafusa Mari's Instagram - a mockup of the stage and stage placements of all the characters for her show 'Lady Bess' https://www.instagram.com/p/BY5AIlKBOGr/?taken-by=hanafusamari_official
And here's a clip of what's on the stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lgpX_L1xjg

Sagiri Seina has been busy! She's revealed her face proper on Instagram as seen with fellow Snow buddy, Ozuki Touma's house party with Hoshou Dai and Hizuki Hana. Complete with Ultraman figures.

She trolls that she has Claude's hat from Nozomi Fuuto's show 'Amber Hued Rain'

She also did a commentary for 'Esmarelda' with Sakihi Miyu for WOWWOW TV. It'll be airing on Sept 30.

Sagiri Seina also says look out for her new billboards for 'Secret Splendour' in various places and train stations in Tokyo. Also she's wearing this rad jacket https://www.instagram.com/p/BZGh0qtj9g0/?taken-by=seinasagiri_official

Sakihi Miyu is doing a CHRISTMAS SHOW! On Dec 24 @ The Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Ouki Kaname has signed with Universal Music! Her first album is releasing Nov 22

Hokusho Kairi is currently doing 'The Pajama Game' Check the rehearsal clip!
It's playing Sept 25- Oct 15 in Tokyo and Oct 19 - Oct 29 in Osaka!

Hokusho will also be doing a Christmas show @ The Imperial Hotel Osaka on Dec 24!

Hoshino Anri has been having fun, watching shows, hanging with Hoshou Dai and enjoying nature and cats

Apparently Aran Kei is doing crowd funding for a musical production! Check it here:

Otozuki Kei went to watch the Death Note musical!

And she bought tea for people back stage

Yuzuki Reon went to see the Sailor Moon musical and hung with Shotsuki Shu (former Star Trouper) who plays Sailor Uranus

Speaking of which: The Sailor Moon musical has been ongoing for quite some time, check out the clip! There's other Zuka alum in the show as well, such as Fujioka Sayaka who plays Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Uranus' partner) and Former Cosmos Top Star, Yamato Yuga who plays Tuxedo Mask!

Apparently they did actually go to Anime Matsuri @ Houston, Texas to perform!

You can follow Yamato Yuga on her Instagram here

Sou Kazuho is in a new show 'Wilde Beauty' about Oscar Wilde

Check out this back stage shot of her with a Sapporo beer can taken by Kaon Yuki, former Snow Trouper

Sou will also be in 'Adams Family'! With Makoto Tsubasa

Misaki Rion had a 95th class reunion
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Fujioka Sayaka plays Kaioh Michiru / Sailor Neptune (not Jupiter), and several other OGs are and have been in the new musicals in the past few years too. This year Galaxia and I think one other character are played by OGs. The new productions are done in the spirit of Takarazuka where the entire cast is women. Kaon Yuki (Snow troupe, 89th class) played Professor Tomoe (Hotaru / Sailor Saturn's father) in Un Nouveau Voyage a couple years ago. Another OG played Tiger's Eye last year for the SuperS arc.

I'd look them all up but I'm lazy lol