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What's Up in Zuka land!: Frank Wildhorn is doing 'Maximilian Robespierre' for Snow Troupe, Former Zuka gals form a dance studio teaching Zuka as exercise!, OG-Sakihi Miyu sings!!

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Sorry, been busy last week so here's this week's 'What's Up in Zuka land!'

In Zuka Land:

Frank Wildhorn is composing for 'Maximilian Robespierre' for Snow Troupe! It'll play at the Grand Theater on Nov 10, 2017 to Dec 15, 2017. And Tokyo on Jan 2, 2018 to Feb 11, 2018

In OG land:

Former Zuka girls started a dance studio in Tokyo called 'Jenne Style' where they teach Zuka dance sequences as an activity! Here's some people doing a roleplay of the finale parade to 'Hot Eyes!' Very cool

Their Dance Studio is here: https://www.jenne-style.jp/
and the instructors! Know anyone? : 3 https://www.jenne-style.jp/instructor.php

Sakihi Miyu is ALIVE! Here's a little message from her where she talks about her Tango show, and then she tears up at the end. ahhaha

And then OMG. Hear her sing!

Sagiri Seina hanging with her lovely nephew at the zoo! There'll be a TV program about her post Zuka life called 'Super Stage' airing on Sat JP time.

Also if you haven't seen her trolly pic about 'Capt. Nemo' here it is:

Sena Jun is off to a new musical: Fun Home where she plays lesbian comic book artist, 'Alison'

Based on the Tony award winning musical

Yuzuki Reon will be performing at 'The Cotton Club' in Tokyo on Nov 9 and 10

Also: Check out Yuzuki in her 'Mata Hari' photoshoot! GIRL MODE Level 9000! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HVT5F0VSYY

Misaki Rion has been really busy! She was the poster model for the Japanese Police Force!

She hung out with Hinami Fu again and 'told her off for eating too much sweet stuff'

She also hung out with Kano Maria and Ozuki Touma

Hoshou Dai and Ozuki Touma are having a live stream chat on Fri JP time!
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These are always so convenient and all-encompassing, thanks!