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Need some help with logistics

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Hi Everyone!

I'm planning a trip to Japan and I have some questions about acquiring tickets. I have reviewed the general information section but I have a feeling that the shows I want to see might require a bit more strategy.

I'm leaving in the middle of November and returning right before Thanksgiving so I thought it would be awesome to see:

- Land of the Gods
- SUPER VOYAGER! / Robespierre / sparkling new top Daimon funtimes
- The Seven of the House of God

These shows unfortunately are split across Osaka and Tokyo, and are all bound to be popular as they are taidan / debut / Tom. I'll be staying in Tokyo with a friend who is willing to go stand in line/call if that means acquiring tickets sooner (though they aren't a Takarazuka fan so they don't have any inside scoops lol) . I've also seen that fanclubs get access sooner as well, so perhaps if any of these shows fall into someone's fanclub and they would be willing to help that would be awesome. Or if folks know specific websites/Twitter accounts to follow that would also be fantastic. (I can read Japanese so any source is fine.) Regardless, I hope that I'm early enough for these! (not quite sure about Land of the Gods though) Thank you so much! Idk how I would have done this without the wiki lol.

Also, if anyone is going to be in Japan at the same time I'd love to meet up!
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The English site tickets go on sale at the same time as the Japanese tickets these days, but there aren't many designated for them and they can go FAST (plus if you get them for more than one performance you may likely end up sitting in the same spot for both performances which is what happened to us with Yamataikoku/SANTE lmao). You don't get to pick your seats and it's a bit cumbersome, so it can be really hard to nab tickets for Tokyo. I think you have to have a Japanese credit card in order to do the Japanese side of the site.

I also would try to contact Sakiko for Land of the Gods - (I recommend going at least twice to really appreciate the play. It was hard for me to completely understand the first go around and liked it much better the second time), or you can line up for same day tickets / tachimi at the theater. You'll probably want to get there pretty early (at least by 7 AM on weekdays and maybe earlier on weekends) since it's Asaka Manato's taidan.

Getting tickets for Daimon's show in Mura probably won't be too hard on the English website since the Grand Theater shows don't usually sell out as quickly. It's also pretty easy to do same day tickets there too.
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Ah thank you so much for the help! I had a feeling the English site might be delayed, so thanks for the confirmation. And that's a bummer to hear about your ticket experience jenebi - I hope something else worked out? :(

Luckily my friend's Japanese is much stronger than mine, so if the online system doesn't work out from my end the kiosks seem like a safe bet. And shout out to Pacific time actually working out well for these release times - time to set up some calendar alerts. I thought I might have posted this too early but looking at the Land of the Gods sale time I'm glad I did! I'll definitely message Sakiko.

Thanks again!
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I used the English online ticket system about a year ago to get tix. I agree with caithion that trying the Japanese one is better if you can manage it. The English system went up a day or two after the Japanese and had very few seats available. I had a group of three and was only able to get two tickets. :/
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Sakiko might be able to hook you up with Land of the Gods tickets through Aizuki Hikaru's fan club. I would contact her!

General ticket sales by phone and at the ticket office often start a couple of days after the other options, so I wouldn't recommend by phone unless you're going for something fancy like the final performance. How's your friend's Japanese? I've heard the English online ticket system is also a bit slow, but I've never used it.

A couple of handy options, if your friend reads Japanese and is comfortable with it:
1) The Japanese online ticket system
2) Using the kiosks in the convenience stores, such as Ticket Pia or Lawson Ticket. (You can find the P-codes and L-codes for the various performances on their ticket info pages.) Sometimes the kiosk systems have early pre-sale raffles of tickets if you're a member and use their online sites.

I recommend trying for weekday performances first. If the shows are selling out fast, they may sell out on you while trying to navigate the system. You probably won't have problems with Tom's Bow selling out on the first day, but then again it doesn't hurt to be careful.

Land of the Gods (Tokyo)
General ticket sales online and at the convenience store kiosks start Sept. 10th at 10 am. Phone and ticket office start Sept. 12th at 10 am.

Robespierre (Grand Theater)
General ticket sales online and at the convenience store kiosks start Oct. 7th 10 am. Phone and ticket office start Oct. 9th at 10 am.

The Seven (Bow Hall)
General ticket sales online and at the convenience store kiosks start Oct. 14th 10 am. Phone and ticket office start Oct. 16th at 10 am.