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Curious find: Former Star Troupe Musumeyaku, Hinatano Karin, is a badass freelance photographer in Berlin

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Curious find:

Former Star Troupe Musumeyaku, Hinatano Karin, was in Zuka for 5 years and decided 'nah, I wanna do photography'. So she quit, went to school, and now lives in Berlin perusing her freelance photography career. AND she takes AMAZING photos!

She's now known by her real name Shikata Karin.

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Oh yes, I've been following her developing photographer career since she retired from Takarazuka.
She also did an exhibition with Ranno Hana as a model and did two TabiSabi programs, with Tamaki Ryou and one other, I forgot who.
Curious fact: in the English bio on her previous website she linked to her TakaWiki profile when she mentioned her Zuka career.
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She also exhibited her photography in Singapore! With 2 former Zuka girls: Mirei Uchida, Yu Ranma

That looked like a fun exhibition!