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Who is your latest 'target of affection'?

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Haha, my latest 'target of affection' : Asami Jun

She just moved from Moon to Snow and will be in Ayakaze Saki's show 'Capt Nemo'

She was Lancelot in 'King Arthur'. Such an amazing presence on stage and off and a real charmer!

She's an outdoorsy girl who loves diving, the beach, Hawaii stuff and dolphins


Looking forward to seeing her under Nozomi's leadership in Snow and cheering her on from the sidelines!
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She hasn't really become a target of affection, per se, but I'd like to use this post as an opportunity to metaphorically apologize to Ouki Kaname lol. The first show I saw of hers was Legend of Galactic Heroes and I was not a fan of it at all, and unfortunately discounted Kaname's Cosmos Troupe as a result. Having seen other things of hers however (Count of Monte Cristo specifically) I've recently come to appreciate her warm, smiling nature. So I now have to add another half dozen shows to watch to my enormous back log lol.