Actresses and Shows

Actresses and Shows

What's Up in Zuka land!: Sky Stage Pop Up Cafe in Tokyo, Ryuu Masaki releases a music video filmed by Leslie Kee, Yuzuki Reon's poses with her derpy dog, Choco, Sagiri Seina went home to Sasebo and met the mayor,

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It's a bit quiet in Zukaville at the moment but the OGs have been busy!

New pic from Moon Troupe's new show - Hououden

New Takarazuka X Hello Kitty collab goods at the merch stores!

Sky Stage Pop Up Cafe in Tokyo!
There's a Sky Stage pop up cafe on level 4 of the KITTE mall in Marunouchi Tokyo. They even serve TROUPE THEMED KAKI GORI (shaved ice) DESSERTS.

Flower Troupe
Strawberry and Rose flavor

Moon Troupe
Mango and coconut flavor

Snow Troupe
Pistachio and melon flavor

Star Troupe
Golden pineapple and blue curan flavor

Cosmos Troupe
Acai berries and yogurt flavor


In OG land:

Ryuu Masaki releases a clip of her new music video called 'Silly Game' - it's a very slick, sexy, swing number. I like it!
Shot by the famed photographer, Leslie Kee (who's a well known Zuka collaborator)

this is her doing a photoshoot through Tokyo

Yuzuki Reon in Billy Elliott as 'Mrs Wilkinson' - girl mode ON! - she comes in at 5:37 but seriously, watch the ENTIRE CLIP because the performances are KNOCK OUT by the rest of the cast, especially THE KIDS!

Yuzuki poses with her derpy derp dog, Choco!

Also, DOUBLE OG STAR TROUPE TOP STAR COMBI! - Yuzuki with Yumesaki meets Hokusho Kairi and Hinami Fuu when they went to see Rei Makoto's Aterui

Sagiri Seina went home to Sasebo, Nagasaki and met the mayor! video in the link.

and Instagram pics here https://www.instagram.com/p/BXm1y0jj1tV/?taken-by=seinasagiri_official

Once a Zuka girl, always a Zuka girl! The 91st class pose at their classmate's wedding!
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This is such a nice collection of news in one post, thanks!