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Do you have a Zuka Birthday Twin?

posts: 113 Singapore
I was digging around the Wiki one day and discovered that Ryouga Haruhi (former Moon Troupe Otokoyaku) is my birthday twin!!

Do any of you guys have a Zuka Birthday twin too? Check the Birthdays calendar
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Nope I don't, not with the current ones, and not even with the recent ones. I consider the one born the day before my birthday to be my semi-twin. :)
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Not currently, and in the by now 5 years that I've been fan I haven't ever had one either, sadly. I still have to look through less recent siennes, but honestly... it seems quite rare to in the ever-changing world of Takarazuka with 5 years of new hatsubu siennes to never have had a Birthday Twin.
posts: 63 France
I've got 2 XD (whom I don't know sadly): Hozumi Mahiro, Ichinose Kouki.
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Tsubasa Anju - she may be ken 2/3 but seeing as how we share the same b-day there's no way she won't become top in like 10 years XD
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Oooh, good question! I hadn't had one in a while, but looks like there's a 101st with my birthday: Asazumi Mare

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Senka otokoyaku Ema Naoki is my Birthday Twin!