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Actresses and Shows

Fun videos on the internets: Former Snow trouper, Saizuki Tsukushi competes on a Karaoke show! Star Troupe mucks around on Om Shanti. Classic clip feat. Sou Kazuho showing people around the Tokyo Theater backstage

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Former Snow Trouper Musumeyaku, Saizuki Tsukushi competes with other professional musicians on a Karaoke TV show called 'The Karaoke Battle' and all the other contestants are PROFESSIONAL singers too!! She chose to sing one of the theme songs from the 'Rose of the Versailles' Anime.The other singers are MAD GOOD too if you want to hear them! Her performance is on 78min mark. She's so excitable!

Watch Kurenai and friends muck around on Om Shanti!

Classic clip celebrating Zuka on their 100 year anniversary. Feat. Sou Kazuho (former Snow Top Star and Sagiri Seina's senior) showing the news reporter around the Tokyo Theater backstage and also the Tokyo merch store. Also featuring former Top Stars: Makoto Tsubasa, Shibuki Jun, Wao Youka and Ryouga Haruhi demonstrating the art of how to 'Dude' - picking up drinks with your elbows fanning out, walking, posing. Ryouga also takes people around Takarazuka like Flower Ave and what to do around the area. She also helps a reporter with some Otokoyaku hair and makeup, has a smoothie where she used to get smoothies and goes back to the old TMS building to look around.
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