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Berlin Waga ai and ochakai

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Hi all

Anyone want tickets for Berlin Waga ai in October at Takarazuka Grand Theatre from 29th Sept to 6th Nov?
You can check out the dates at http://kageki.hankyu.co.jp/revue/2017/berlinwagaai/ticket_takarazuka.html

Also if anyone wants to attend Kurenai Yuzuru Tea party.

1. Strictly for fans who has already booked plane tickets and hotels in Japan (already planned to travel at that time) and seriously planning to watch a show :)

2. Fans who are living in Japan.

Please PM me (I will send you the rules and conditions first and once agreed I will apply show tickets and attendance for you)

Payment will be via Paypal only. Deadline 1st week of Aug.

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Hi all

Please note that the performance tickets AND ochakai application is closed. Thanks for those who has applied for Ochakai, hope to see you there :)
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Hi guys

Please note the ticket performance cut off dates will be on 30th July.
For Ochakai, the cut off date will be on 31st August.

Hope to hear from you guys and see you soon :)
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I would absolutely LOVE to attend Beni's ochakai! I will PM you
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The ochakai date will be on 22nd Oct 2017 (Sunday) evening
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Hi, yes the date is fixed. From my experience they have not changed ochakai dates before :)
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Hi, has the date for the Ochakai already been fixed? I will be in Japan in October but only for a very short stay.