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Fun videos on the internets: 'Dramatic S' Dance Along Video by Snow Troupe, Asaka Manato's BTS photoshoot in Maui, Hawaii, the Best of Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu's Catch Phrases

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Dance Along with the Otokoyaku of Snow Troupe as they teach you how they do certain dance segments from 'Dramatic S'! Good workout I reckon

Asaka Manato's lavish photoshoot in Maui, Hawaii! For her final photobook 'Mana' releasing on May 26.

A section on 'Takarazuka Premiere' which features Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu, talking about 'Shogunate' and 'Dramatic S'. Can't quite understand but there's a bit where Sagiri says that on 'Lupin', in the bedroom scene, when Sakihi is holding the rose, Sagiri could see Sakihi's hand shaking from nervousness, and that made Sagiri nervous too. And when Sagiri was dancing with Sakihi in a duet dance, she could see her Sakihi's legs quivering too. Sakihi apologizes and says she's human too.

In the best of 'Catch Phrases' segment:
For Lupin 3, Sagiri says 'I'm a prisoner of everyone's love, that person who fulfills that gap', Sakihi says 'Sagiri is the prince of transformation'

For Kenshin, Nozomi Fuuto says 'Sagiri is like a crying and laughing Matroyoska Doll (Russian Nesting Doll)' and she goes on to explain that Sagiri has all these roles inside her and like you open each Nesting Doll to find another one inside. Sagiri then remarks 'Umai na~' (that's clever) in regards to Nozomi's analogy.

For Roman Holiday: Sagiri says 'No matter what I do, Sakihi Miyu will exalt me.' Sakihi's is 'Chigi-san is my sun and I love her.' Sagiri then says 'Dame Dame' (no, just no.)

For Shogunate: Sakihi says 'I'm glad that Chigi-san has surpassed me, forever and ever I'll keep chasing her!'
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