Live Performances

Live Performances

Has the Takarazuka ever performed in your country before?

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So I'm kind of making it my mini mission to contact Hankyu Hanshin (the megacorp that owns Takarazuka) and drop them a message to tell them to bring Takarazuka to Singapore as a one-off performance.(or at least think about it)

The last time Takarazuka came to Singapore was in 1982 which was a very VERY long time ago, according to this Singapore Archives image

Singapore is much better at accepting 'controversial' art performances these days compared to the 80s plus I think we're getting on quite well with Japan. We celebrated 50 years of friendly relations with Japan last year and I think Japan is wanting to do more business or attract more tourists from Singapore to come over because, really, Singaporeans LOVE Japan. So I do hope that they'd consider having a performance or two here.

I know the Takrazuka veterans did a one-off performance at the Lincoln Center in US last year. You lucky people! I would have gone to see it
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There's a list of all the foreign tours here on the TakaWiki:

It's pretty interesting how long they have been doing them. I wonder if they were more or less expensive when they traveled by steam ship? I imagine it was easier to move sets and equipment....