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Bit of a 1939 mystery

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I was working on adding some programs and scripts to my website and came across a bit of an oddity.
I have a script for Tsukigumi's July 1939 "Orchid of Beijing / Festival Night / The Blue Trunk" which clearly lists the three shows as Orchid of Beijing, Festival night, and Blue Trunk. (photos below)



However, the program lists the three shows as "Cherry Blossom, Festival Night, and Blue Trunk".



I'm pretty sure both of these are for Tsukigumi's July 1939 show but maybe someone can spot a difference that proves I'm mislabeling one of these books. Any ideas why these two would list different Act 1 shows when they appear to be from the same time? The cast lists for the other 2 shows are identical but the cast lists for Cherry Blossom and Orchid are different and starred different people.

Note: Sorry didn't realize photobucket made the images small. Added links to larger versions
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Huh, we'll have to update that on the 1939 page. I know they've done similar things like that before in the 20s and 30s. Sometimes they split the different shows morning and afternoon, too.
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Wait, I solved the mystery.

I checked the "Tokyo Takarazuka Theater 10 Year Memorial" book (which I probably should have done before I posted in the first place, sorry!) and it explained what was going on. Apparently "Orchid of Beijing" ran from the 1st until the 20th. Then "Cherry Blossom" took it's place from the 21st until the 30th. The program must be from the later show while the script just stuck with Orchid of Beijing, which ran longer.

Weird that they would switch shows during the run but *shrugs*.


Sorry for the pointless post XD