New member: e_meersie, from Central Michigan!

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Hey all, the name's Emma, better known to the internet as e_meersie (you can call me Meersie for short if you like, haha)! I joined the Takarazuka fandom about 2 years ago via tumblr, specifically because I was in search of anything related to The Scarlet Pimpernel. A friend of mine from my university showed me a clip of Chie singing "Madame Guillotine" from that show and I was transfixed by the quality of her singing and the general artistry of the cast. I was amazed. Then one day in the summer following that year, I got the idea to look for more things related to Zuka Pimpernel. To make a long story short, I got invited to my first livestream of Pimpernel and several other Hoshigumi shows and promptly fell into the fandom. I have too many favorite Takarasiennes and OGs to count (I usually have at least two or three from each troupe that I'm particularly fond of), but the one who holds the most of my affection is definitely Chie. I love to talk Takarazuka with other fans, although I don't know any in real life. Regardless, I'm glad to be here!
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Hi there, I love Scarlet Pimpernel too (though Tsuki's my favorite). Welcome and have fun!
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I'll do my best to contribute when I can!!
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Hey, welcome! I spent a year in Michigan, but I was a baby so I don't remember it at all. ;)

Chie's Chauvelin really was goosebump-inducing. The whole 2008 cast really had some amazing chemistry, and the fans knew it! I remember taking the earliest train into Tokyo, arriving at 5:50 am on a weekday, and the toujitsuken line was already wrapped twice around the front of the theater. No chance for tickets that day!

Anyway, I hope you find some interesting stuff on the wiki, and that you'll add your own bits to the collection! :D