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Site Discussion

Ongoing Updates, March 2016

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Hi all, as we approach our 10th anniversary I'll be doing some overhauling of the TakaWiki. Please see The Takarazuka Wiki is nearing its 10th anniversary! What's next? for more info.

- I have changed the permissions on the translation pages so that users who are not logged in can still view them (and coincidentally realized that most of them never got their scrambled text fixed so I tried to catch all of that too). If you stumble upon any that are still not available or that are still scrambled, please let me know.

- I have re-activated the comments option on wiki pages. Now if you click on the "COMMENT" button at the bottom of a page you can leave a comment.

- The "homepage" blank on the user profiles was missing in tiki 14, but with the help of a programmer, it should be working again.

- Someone on Tumblr requested a return to darker text for easier readability, so I've darkened things. (I'm still playing around with the css, so that will probably continue to be tweaked.)

- I've gone through the guide pages and updated some information that is not applicable to tiki now, and updated some of the images as well.