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Singapore performance in 1982

hey people,my friend and i went to check out on the poster of the 1982 performance in singapore. i manage to take a picture of the poster illegally.haha.

The poster was kept under the reference corner and no pictures are allow.so its nt THAT clear.But the poster was GREAT!

So how do i upload the picture here?do i upload to this forum?
i wish i can watch asa and osa duo live! but kinda impossible.haha....

hope they saw ur letter and find out more about takarazuka and ya.....haha!perform in singapore!hahaha........esplanade theatre will be good.haha.
Yep! I sure hope they will! It would be great to see Osa perform live here in Singapore! Actually, I kinda "shoot" one letter to the Ministry of Arts (or something like that, the people who are organizing the local arts fest right now) suggesting that they invite the Takarazuka Revue to Singapore soon, maybe like the next arts fest or something. I hope they will do so! (Prays hard) For now I'll have to contend with DVDs. :)
since they came in 1982.i hope they come again...like....soon!
Hopefullly before Osa retire...hehe.
How I wish someday Takarazuka would perform in Singapore.
I shall go and watch!!!

Hiya...I am a Taka Fan too.

My most favourite Taka actress is KOJU TATSUKI!!!!

I like many many actresses too..To name a few;

Asaji Saki
Ichiro Maki
Ko Minoru
Aran Kei
Takane Fubuki

N many many many more.

I have been to Osaka Takarazuka to watch "Phantom of the Opera"
I am planning to go this year end again...

First to Hokkaido...Hometown of TARTAN - KOJU TATSUKI
Then to Osaka..hopefully to catch Kashi's and Touko's shows..

OMG.i am a fan of Koi Ming Fai and i'm like in her "fanclub"....as in i go watch her show with her fans, supper with her and her fans.and yep yep...haha.extreme kind.sort of know her like more than a fan and idol.

hmmm....i do shanghai yue opera.dun think u have seen me la.haha.
Gee, my Japanese is terrible as well (falls with face flat on the floor). But recently I'm going back to revising my Japanese just for the sake of understanding more of what I am reading/listeng to.

Interesting that you are in Chinese Opera. I like watching Cantonese Opera and am quite a fan of Koi Ming Fai myself and I take time to watch local Chinese Opera performances from time to time. Might have seen you on stage. :D
oh haha.i know abt takarazuka through a friend....she do chinese opera and so do i.and in the chinese opera "world", takarazuka is quite well known.i didnt watch much of their show.acctually, nt even a whole show.cos i dun have the money....im still a student in poly.haha.i only watch them on youtube.and some video my friend sent me.i like quite a few of them...like...koju, wao, kashi, osa, asa........o, many many.cant wait to see kashi as cosmo top.hehe.she's real pretty.

hmm, i cant read japanese, so having the graph is kinda no use.haha....

i will upload the pic when i got the time.=]
Gee I just happened to be a kaypoh (busybody) and made some phone calls to Kinokuniya. :D
Here is more detailed info regarding Takarazuka GRAPH from Kinokuniya:
Takarazuka GRAPH is AVAILABLE in Kinokuniya, but under special reservation only.
That means you need to leave your contact number and name with them so that they will ship copies of the magazine in for you each month.
There are two types of shipping:
By air which you will get the magazine same week as the Japan release - $18.90
By sea which you will get the magazine about 2 weeks to 3 weeks later - $14.90
When the magazine arrives, the staff will give you a call (usually on weekends) to collect the magazine.
You don't need to pay a one-time subscription amount, but instead pay for each individula issue at the counter when you collect the magazine from the Liang Court Branch.

Hope that helps!

Actually I liked Takarazuka after I saw some documentary a long time ago, just that because I kinda watched the show almost 3/4 into it I did not know they were called Takarazuka Revue until I took a Japanese Studies course in college couple of years back. But then I was still kind broke and buying DVDs and the like from Japan is quite out of the question. But now with Singpost's local vPost service, I have succssfully (yayy!) bought 2 Takarazuka DVDs from http://www.takarazuka-videos.com and yep, am subcsribing to GRAPH through Kinokuniya. My favorite stars are Haruno Sunire and Wao Youka, but really I still have a LOT to learn and likey you know more about Takarazuka than I do. :)

I wanted to subscribe GRAPH through CD Japan originally, but either through vPost or through CD Japan's shipping charges, it is still quite costly and you need to pay minimum 3 months of subscription in one lump sum. But through Kinokuniya, you can pay as each issue arrives in the Singapore stores, so I thought I'd let you know because it will be about $4 cheaper and it is quite a good deal.

As for uploading the pictures, I'm kinda clueless as well...
OMG, crap.are u serious?hahahaha.OH MAN.does tht means tht im gonna be broke all the time from now onwards?hahaha.
But i dun really get wad u mean...the subscription thing...
YAY, so lucky to know u!haha....u seems to know ALOT!
Hmm, when do u started liking takarazuka and who's ur fav stars????Im curious....cos there's nt much fans in s'pore.

hmm, how do i upload the pic?
I forgot to add something:

pam, Books Kinokuniya does sell Takarazuka Graph, and its is available on special reservation (something like a pay-per-issue-subscription) from the Japanese books counter at $18.90 airmail (same week as Japan releas) or $14.90 by ship (2 weeks after Japan release).

Just thought you'd like to know.

As for the poster of the performance, since you got the picture earlier than I did, then the honor of placing it online shuold also be yours. :)
Gee you beat me to posting this on the forum, but I managed to get a pic of the poster too, not too good quality I'm afraid. Should an entry be added to the Wiki database?