New member : Frenchtamaki, a French one again ! ^^

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Hello everybody ! I'm FrenchTamaki a French Takarazuka fan, nice to meet you ! I'm really glad to join the TakaWiki community !

So I discovered the Takarazuka Revue 2 years ago on Internet, and I became immediately amazed by Yuzuki Reon's performances and smile !
So you sure understand how sad I am right now, but it's ok, I will overcome this :)
I came to Japan in Autumn 2013 and I went in Takarazuka for seeing Ouki Kaname's Gone with the Wind, a gorgeous Rhett Butler isn't it ? At that moment I really became a Takarazuka fan I think !

So I decided to create a french blog about Takarazuka called Takarazuka France. It's not really a fan blog, it's more informative about the Revue, performances and actresses, because I want more and more French people to know about the Revue.
And finally, I came to practice Takarazuka danse and songs, and then I created some Youtube videos with the pseudonym フロー.

So as I said Yuzuki Reon was and is still my favorite Takarasienne, and I will always follow her, but if I consider actresses who're still in the Revue, I would say my favorite one became Makaze Suzuho :)

Oh, and just a little request : I will return to Japan in September for a year and I would like to join a troup, even an amateur one, which practices Takarazuka plays. If there is not such troups, I would like to create one. If someone is interested in this project or know someone who could be interested, I would be really thankfull if you could contact me ;)

Thank you very much and Vive la Takarazuka Revue ! :D
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Good morning FrenchTamaki :-) and Welcome to the Takawiki !

I'm glad to see another french fan (since we are not many) !!
Yuzuki Reon is a great dancer and singer (I like her voice very much)...I understand what you may have felt when hearing about her retirement. It had been such a long time that she had become top star that, somehow, I had just gotten used to always see her in performances: as if it had become natural...

Oh, and I didn't know you were the one behind "Takarazuka France" (I went on your blog several times alreaydy). It would be great if it could help the Takarazuka Revue to become a bit known in France.

I'm very happy to see that I'm not the only one who dance Takarazuka numbers (and tries to sing) ! I don't post any videos yet, because I'm not very happy with the results.
I'm trying to do Elizabeth's otokoyaku final number ^^.
I watched your videos: I think that your movements are very good (dynamic and very "otokoyakuesque").
I love your version of Yuzuki Reon's PV.

Makaze Suzuho is a great actress and dancer too...and somehow her long face reminds me of Mizu's one XD (to whom I'm an absolute fan).

It would be great if you could join a troup like this...I've been dreaming of being able to dance Takarazuka choreographs with other people in France. So that we could have fun together and, maybe, make the Takarazuka more known.

Do you know anyone in France who share similar interests ?

Have a nice day ;-)