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Live Performances

Does anyone know how to book tickets on the new Takarazuka website ?

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Hello everyone !

This summer (July 2015), I'm going to Japan for the first time, in Osaka ! I'm very excited !
And, of course, I'm trying to book some tickets to see "Hoshiai hitoyo" with Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu in the Takarazuka Grand Theater.
=> but since the Takarazuka website changed not so long ago, I can't use the amazing "walkthrough" a member wrote about how to buy tickets on the website.
If anyone understands this new site, I would be happy to talk about it ^^
All information about how I could get tickets are welcome anyway.

Thank you very much for any answer :-)
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Since the problem is solved, I know this is kinda late, but just in case the official website presents a problem, there are other ticket-selling online services where people can buy tickets for Takarazuka performances. The problem is, they are all in Japanese. But the official website also is. Some of them may at least look more buyer-friendly (or how should I put it) than the official website.
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Good morning!

Oh, that's great news! I'm so glad it worked out for you. :D

Enjoy your trip and the show~~~
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Good morning Jen :-)

I've got better news this time: I managed to book my tickets !!

Yesterday, I called the online help service for 3D Secure and they could fix my problem ;-)
And then, after doing the authentification, I arrived on the page you described in the part "receive your tickets" (I had chosen "print at home") and I printed my tickets without problem. There is also a reservation number (I don't know if it's of any use but I wrote it down in case it would be ^^) and the possibility to send the booking confirmation mail to another e-mail address than the one you chose when registering.

So in the end, you've got:
-your tickets
-a reservation number
-a confirmation mail

And, what is the most important: it means that they accept foreign credit cards :-D !! Well, at least "Visa" ones (I can't guarantee for others).

Now, there is only a single word to say: thank you very much, without your help I wouldn't have done anything :-) !
I hope that now people won't be too afraid of trying to book tickets online or won't encounter too many problems when doing so.
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That is very important information to have, thank you. I'll add that to the walk-through, so everyone knows they need a working cell phone number. Does it need to be a Japanese provider, I wonder?

Good luck with your ticket-buying! Weekends and opening and closing nights always sell out, but I think you will be fine if you can go on a weekday. :)
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Hello once again,

I'm giving you some news ^^
I spent much time today trying to book my tickets...I followed all of your instructions, everything was perfect...but, in the end, I realized that the new Takarazuka website is using 3D Secure (it was the first time I encountered such a problem). So, even after I gave my credit card information, they asked me for authentification (by entering a password, sent by SMS on the owner's mobile phone => mobile phone number they didn't have).
It would be complicated to explain everything, things didn't go very well...I have to fix a few things tomorrow and see if it works better :-S
And I'm a bit nervous since many tickets for "Hoshiai hitoyo" got sold in just 4 days :-(

But, I want to add another "thank you very much" because all of your explanations were so clear that I didn't encounter any troubles with navigating on the site.
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Good evening Jen :-)

I'm sorry for not answering earlier (I was caught in my studies) => I wanted to tell you not to bother about re-doing the whole "walkthrough for online tickets" (even if it wasn't just for me) but I think you already started.
So I wanted to thank you, because it must be a huge amount of work to do something like this...I know it's still under construction, but I'm going to start reading it this evening carefully :-D

Thank you very much again for all of your help !
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Oh, I definitely understand! It's a long way to go and be disappointed. If you have a friend living in Japan, perhaps they can purchase the tickets for you? I know when I was living in Japan I helped a lot of friends buy tickets and things for their trips. :) Otherwise, Noppin is good for buying tickets at auction (if you want to spend a lot of money for very good seats like SS), and I have heard a lot of fans use and like Sandy's business (my favorite things website).

This weekend I think I'll have some spare time. If no one else answers your question about the new ticket system by then, I'll create an account and see what I can do. I've been meaning to update the walk-through anyway!

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Good evening :-)

Thank you once again for taking the time to answer me !
And thanks for your advice...I'm going to think about it ;-)
It's just that I'm pretty worried about the perspective to go to Japan and miss the opportunity to see a real Takarazuka performance (since I know I won't get the chance to go back to Japan soon). But I've read what you said about the availability of tickets for this kind of show ;-)
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There is a list of shopping service sites on our links page (http://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Takarazuka+Links). I haven't used any of these services (except Noppin) personally, but I know other fans have. (Hopefully some of them will jump into the conversation.)

Once you're in Japan, you can use any 7-11 (P-code 597102 to search for the show) or Lawsons (L-code 50155) convenience store ticket machine to purchase tickets, as well as going to the Grand Theater box office.

The only time Grand Theater shows sell out ahead of time is for sayonara shows of really popular top stars and Elisabeth. So if you want to save extra money on fees and shipping charges, I would wait until you are there. I'm sure you're going to want to go to Takarazuka City right away to see the theater anyway, right? ;) Check out the "1789" ticket availability: There are hundreds of tickets left for most shows, and the show has been on sale for a month now: http://kageki.hankyu.co.jp/revue/2015/1789/ticket_takarazuka.html#schedule

Hope that helps a bit!

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Hello Jen,

Thank you for those information :-)
I know that nihonmono tend not to seel out fast, but I was a bit afraid of Nozomi Fuuto's popularity ^^.
What are the names of services who can buy tickets for foreigners ?
Ah, I didn't know that I needed a japanese address to make the reservation ! I may ask the person whose house I'm staying in if I can "borrow" their address, if I can't manage to do in another way.

Thank you again for those explanations !
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I haven't used the new system (you can only go so far without actually joining, and you need a Japanese address and phone number to do so), but hopefully someone else can answer for you. If the new system doesn't work for you because you do not have a Japanese address, there are also purchasing services that can buy tickets for you, but they charge fees. Or, if you are staying at a hotel, you can ask if they offer ticket-buying services. Some do.

Tickets for the Grand Theater performance of Hoshiai will be going on sale June 13th. Because it's a nihonmono at the Grand Theater, tickets probably won't sell out, so you should even be able to get tickets after you arrive in Japan at convenience stores or by going to the ticket office.